Open Thread

Meh Romney

Artist - Jeff Parker

In other news, President Obama singing Al Green is now a ringtone.

Polls close in South Carolina tonight at 7 pm EST. You can follow live election results here.

Who will win? Racism or the Cayman Islands?

  • ArrogantDemon

    Mittens doesnt have the balls to go all out racist like Newton Leroy

    Its not in him, and these psycho want someone who they think can fight a both and bloody up Barack Obama to their sick, racist delight.

    But they all would fail, because they’re failures themselves, and the base knows it, so go for a kamikaze run I guess

  • Broadway Carl

    Who will win? Racism or the Cayman Islands?

    And racism it is!

  • Carlos Martinez

    Who will win? Racism or the Cayman Islands?

  • The_Dork_Knight

    Yay! Ron Paul is speaking! “Crazy crazy crazy liberty crazy liberty crazy crazy”…

    • incredulous72


      I spit my water at the screen when I saw your comment. LOL!

  • The_Dork_Knight

    Lol. Newt Gingrich is the electable one, according to South Carolina Republicans. Poor Mitt. I cant believe this Mitt, as terrible a canidate as he is, is the best they can do.

  • eljefejeff

    you should check out the exit polls, interesting stuff(sorry to link to faux)

    • mrbrink

      Yeah, interesting exit poll results.

      A few takeaways.

      1) 65% of Conservatives polled are insane and can’t even be honest with themselves even in an exit poll. One of the most contradictory admissions was that 97% polled were somewhat/very worried about the direction of the nation’s economy over the next few years, and two questions later, 57% said cutting the budget deficit even if that limits job growth should be a higher priority for the next president. A great majority of 78% were either holding steady, or getting ahead financially, while 67% said no one in their household had lost a job or been laid off in the last three years. 64% support the Tea Party, and they went for Newt. But the great majority of those polled haven’t been affected by the recession, and by extension president Obama’s policies– at all, but a 45% majority of those polled thought defeating Obama was more important than strong moral character(18%). Hilarious.

      2) And Ron Paul has been saying the military supports him more than any other candidate in the country, and yet, only 12% of those polled who had ever served in the military voted for Ron Paul. So, if the troops support Ron Paul, they don’t support him for national office in South Carolina. 79% of those polled had never served at all.

      3) 64% polled want abortion to be illegal.

      Thanks for posting that. It’s a revealing peek inside the hive mind.

      • eljefejeff

        actually I was surprised only 64% want abortion illegal. 36% want it legal in most cases.
        98% of voters were white. Hard to tell if that included Hispanics or if they’re counted as the 1% Other. 72% of voters were at least 45. They’re mostly grumpy old white people; we’re EVERYONE(btw, not knocking whites, I’m white too)

  • caribbeanobserver

    They have already called it for Newt! Noot wins!

  • missliberties

    IN So. Carolina racism wins.

    IN Florida the Caymen Islands wins.