Mitt The Ripper

Having John Lithgow, who has convincingly played the roll of a serial killer, narrate this ad was a stroke of genius.

We've reached the pinnacle of satire.

This ad has the added bonus of being true, however it also reveals just how ridiculous the Citizens United ruling is. This super PAC ad was not produced by Stephen Colbert. It was produced by Jon Stewart in support of Stephen Colbert and against Mitt Romney.

  • mimi

    Not one of the repub/tparty candidates are capable – a reminder of why cheney was picked as VP for w.bush. Cheney was very capable in his ability to destroy the U.S. as we knew it, continuing the work of front man Reagan. Romney makes no sense either, another bought and paid front man for the Big Money boys, i.e., Koch Bros., Murdoch, and the elitists from Britain. WE must take our country back from the repub/tparty that desires to quiet us. The strong arm tactics of the repub/tparty shows their capability of deceit. They are comparable to Germany just as Hitler was coming into power, promise them anything, people will let you do as you wish. And then lower the boom on them all. OBAMA 2012 DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS

  • missliberties

    It’s intended to be offensive.

    Mocking Willie Horton type ads.

    I am sure Karl Rove is amused.

  • nicole

    I have strong doubts that this country can even survive the CU ruling.

    • D_C_Wilson

      That would suit the neoconfederates like Rick Perry and Ron Paul just fine. They’d get their corporate paradise with or without a federal government.