Election 2012

Predictions for the Fight

Mitt Romney will win the New Hampshire primary tonight by at least eight points.

Romney will also win South Carolina and will become the presumptive nominee at that point.

Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich will continue to weaken the presumptive nominee because that's what they do for a living.

But if recent events are any indication ("I like firing people!"), Romney will continue to weaken himself. He's an awful candidate and I can't believe the Republicans have elevated such a pathetic challenger to a powerful incumbent president.

By the way, if the tea party is so amazing and huge, why couldn't they hand pick the nominee? Could it be we've been right all along -- they're just loud and not large?

  • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

    For what “government run like a business” looks like, look no further than our Dear Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, former CEO of Gateway (till he sold it to the Chinese), and currently presiding over a state whereby he has cancelled the rights of citizens.

    The truly sad thing is that many Democrats voted for
    Snyder simply because they didn’t particularly like the Dem candidate.

    According to Maddow, this was the most undemocratic event of 2011, Snyder was the worst governor.

    Gov. Rick Snyder and Michigan Republicans Engaging in Disaster Capitalism
    Republican Governor Rick Snyder Signs Draconian Bill in to Law
    Republican Gov. Rick Snyder Begins Rape of Michigan to Benefit Wealthy Cronies
    The Corporatization of Michigan

  • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

    I don’t think he’ll choose a teabagger (they’ve lost most of their former power).

    I think it would be smart to choose someone from the Northeast, or from a Southern state that isn’t yet a certainty for Repubs.

    Adding………..for a while my biggest fear was that whoever won the nom would choose Bachmann as VP. But that is so not gonna happen, i am happy to say.

  • trgahan

    If this holds true, how about a prediction on his potential VP? I’m guessing someone with high Tea Party cred., but largly unknown in the national spotlight today (ie. not Sarah Palin). I think once the primaries end, he’s going to need someone to through the base its “red meat” while he spends his time looking like “the reasonable one, who will run government like a business.”

    • http://twitter.com/bubblegenius Bubble Genius

      I don’t think he’s batshit enough to pick Santorum, and America couldn’t deal with a two-Mormon ticket, so Huntsman is out. Gingrich and Paul are out because they’re bitches. I guess the GOP doesn’t like picking from the primary crop anyway.

      For my own personal chuckles, I’d like to think Romney will pick Mike Pence, who is so wooden he makes Romney seem almost human. Or Jim DeMint.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7VZNIFV5UXBX5LETCRH34M5HG4 Staci Bass

        Haley Barbour is my guess.

        • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

          I wouldn’t be surprised. Any of the repub governors presiding along the southern east coast are fair game.

      • D_C_Wilson

        He’s definitely going to go southern to balance out his history as Governor of Taxachusetts with the teabaggers. DeMint or Barbour are probably on the short list. That would crystallize the GOP as the party of old rich white guys.

        Then again, if he wants to try to go less white bread, there are some interesting choices: Marco Rubio, Nikki Halley, or Bobby Jindal.

    • GrafZeppelin127

      I think maybe we ought not to concede that “run[ning] the government like a business” is “reasonable.”

      When I hear people say “Government should be run like a business” I ask, “Why?” Haven’t gotten a good answer yet; all I hear is vague platitudes about how business is “better” than government, how it’s “more efficient” and people have “more incentives” or whatever. If you run government like a business, it’s still government; if government is inherently not as good, not as efficient, and not as incentivizing as business, what difference does it make how you “run” it? (And what does “run government like a business” mean anyway?)

      Put simply, government should not be run like a business because it isn’t a business.

      To continue this line of reasoning, I also haven’t heard a good explanation of why “business” is an appropriate or desirable educational/professional background for a President, or any other elected official. Not that we haven’t had Presidents who were, in one sense or another, “businessmen,” but it seems to me that the appropriate or desirable background for elected office, if there is one, is law.

      • BuffaloBuckeye

        But if you are a Republican, “business” trumps all, so from their perspective, gov’mint would then be “run” like it should. According to them.

      • villemar

        They want to run the gov’t like a business so they can fire poor people.

      • D_C_Wilson

        I never understood the “run it like a business” meme.

        Don’t most businesses want to expand? How can that be equated with shrinking government?

        • GrafZeppelin127

          Good point. Also, businesses typically only offer one product/service or one category of products/services; the government provides hundreds. Businesses only provide their products/services to certain customers who want them and can afford them; government has to serve everyone. Business’ job is to make a profit; government’s job is to “establish justice, promote the general welfare, provide for the common defense,” etc., which are not typically profitable ventures.

          That’s just for starters. You can make a whole list of non-analogies to show the fallacy of this idea.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Republicans have “elevated such a pathetic challenger to a powerful incumbent president” because that’s only the reality, and we’ve known for some time that reality doesn’t matter to Republican voters and fans. What matters is the potent, pungent fiction that they read and hear and tell themselves and repeat to one another as often as possible until it becomes true. GOP fans believe that Obama is so terrible that they could nominate a stalk of broccoli against him and win; that is a self-evident truth in the universe they inhabit.

    Romney is a CGI character; we all know that. He is (or will soon become) an avatar for GOP fans’ Obama angst/hysteria. It might be more accurate to say that GOP fans would prefer a stalk of broccoli to Obama as president because their hate for him is so visceral, their fear of him and whatever they’ve been ordered to believe he represents is so profound. And Romney will win because his campaign and its media surrogates will draw just enough people into that alternate universe as they need; i.e., the fiction will triumph over reality, as it did in 2010.