Election 2012

Quote of the Morning

"Better point: nobody who has ever worked with Gingrich thinks he should be president. Let's hear from them." David Frum on Twitter

Gingrich is a terrible leader and routinely burns out in a blaze of dick-moves (both literal and figurative). But he can throw giant red meat bombs and that's making him attractive to a conservative base not interested in consistency or substance -- only flame throwing.

They will be very disappointed -- and amusingly so -- when Romney gets the nomination anyway. Meanwhile, I'm going to love watching the remains of the Republican Party eat itself alive for the next 6-10 months.

  • MrDHalen

    I love this. Newt is going to make Romney panic and lurch further right into crazy town. I still think the Republican establishment will get Romney the nomination as well, but he’ll be toxic in the general from rolling around in the sewage with Newt.

  • http://twitter.com/cogrannie cogrannie

    Hope they keep quiet until–oh, about late Sept.

  • http://www.facebook.com/timmy.smalls Tim Howlett

    Let’s all be quiet about Newt and hope that the unlikely happens and he wins the nomination…