Romney Embraces Worst of the Worst Homophobes

The Romney campaign released a letter today touting the former governor's conservative bona-fides in an attempt to seal the deal with the Lunatic Base, and among the signatories to this new coalition of Romney-backing conservatives is a man who links the "virus of homosexuality" to the 9/11 terror attacks.

Mitt Romney’s campaign today unveiled its Social Conservatives Coalition along with a letter from nine Massachusetts activists defending Romney’s conservative credentials on abortion rights and gay rights while governor. As Jeremy Hooper noted, one of such activists includes Roberto Miranda, who claimed that Satan is behind marriage equality and directly tied advances for gay rights to the attacks on September 11th, 2001.

Right Wing Watch has the full quote:

Is it exaggerated to see prophetic significance in the fact that on September 11, 2001 Boston served as the point of departure for the deadly forces that spread so much destruction and havoc in this nation and all over the world? What took place at the material level is now being carried out at the moral and spiritual level, as the virus of homosexuality and gay marriage begins to spread dramatically all over this nation and perhaps the world.

While this is sure to win Mitt Romney an added dose of batshit credibility, I can't imagine Independents and moderate voters responding very well. Both of whom Romney is already tanking with.

This primary is going to leave Romney a bruised turd of a candidate.

  • OsborneInk

    “Is it exaggerated”


  • muselet

    From the link:

    While it appears that the Romney campaign has no problem with aligning itself with someone who blames “the virus of homosexuality and gay marriage” for the 911 attacks, a member of Social Conservatives Coalition may upset one major Romney booster: Florida congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. Romney has campaigned with Rep. Ros-Lehtinen in Florida and the congresswoman even stars in a Romney Spanish-language ad.

    But one of Romney’s Coalition leaders, Marili Cancio of the Christian Family Coalition, represents a group that has attacked Rep. Ros-Lehtinen for her advocacy of gay rights.

    The Christian Family Coalition called Ros-Lehtinen “an arrogant, anti-Family, homosexualist extremist” and a “corrupt politician” for co-sponsoring the Respect for Marriage Act.

    As Roy Edroso said a few days ago, “Feed, cannibals, feed!”


  • Michael Norris

    Just when you thought this guy couldn’t sink any lower. Jeezus…

  • GrafZeppelin127

    If the general election were in March, I might agree. But Romney can, and will, run as fast as he can away from all this the moment he locks up the nomination. And he’ll have plenty of time to sell a new character of himself to the public. We won’t be hearing any gay-bashing like this in his convention speech. (Although we may be hearing it at the convention from others…) And none of this will be relevant come Labor Day.

    Independents tend to be forgiving of what candidates do and say in primaries to appeal to their party’s “lunatic base.” After all, who are they to believe, Mitt Romney who is only playing the part of a right-wing social-conservative nutjob, or Newt Gingrich who is calling Romney a “Massachusetts liberal” à la Kennedy/Dukakis/Kerry? Ultimately they believe neither.

    • JMAshby

      I don’t agree. He can’t run away from all this. If he does, there goes the base conservative vote. Voter turnout matters.

      It’s a loser either way. And there’s also the problem of all of it being on video and audio. Flip flop for a 3rd, or 4th, time? Not a winner at all.

      • mrbrink

        I pity the Romney supporters mainly because they fall for the obvious superficial features, and they won’t be deterred from taking their stupid “Welcome” signs to the roof when the aliens come to level our cities.