Election 2012

Ron Paul Defends Lost Cause with Dixie Flag

Ta-Nehisi Coates unearthed this video in which we see Ron Paul perpetuating the Lost Cause mythology that the Civil War was fought over "states rights" and not slavery. He further explains that it didn't need to be fought at all, which plays into the "northern aggression" myth.

And he says all of this while standing in front of a gigantic Confederate flag.

Ta-Nehisi: "At least he's against the drug war..."

In case you're not familiar with it, the Lost Cause was a myth developed after Reconstruction to make the southern cause seem more noble and thus allow southerners to be less demonized for slavery and the carnage of the war.

  • muselet

    What a perfectly horrid little man.


    • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole


  • mistinguette grandison

    Progressive supporters/promoters of Ron Paul really need to think about what they are doing, and whether the War on drugs is the only thing and whether Civil Rights for all. Maybe they should read Tim Wise’s article on Ron Paul.

  • i_a_c

    Make no mistake: Ron Paul is a racist. He believes in the right of white men to treat women and minorities as second class citizens.

    As I’ve noted before, Ron Paul’s notion of “states’ rights” became bullshit in 1796 when the SCOTUS ruled that treaties supersede state law. Certainly the bench was loaded with liberal activist judges. And there have been scores of rulings since then. The “states’ rights” line is entirely divorced from the reality we actually live in.

    • incredulous72

      “The “states’ rights” line is entirely divorced from the reality we actually live in.”

      And have always lived in.

      I feel that we’ve been fighting this “states rights” crap for centuries now. When will they give this nonsense up?


    • missliberties

      He doesn’t want the ‘feds’ to legislate morals.

      Translation. I don’t want no damn government to come in and tell me who I can serve at my lunch counter or who I have to go to school with. I want my ‘freedom’ to be pearly white.

  • incredulous72

    For somebody that threw the first punch so to speak, the South sure gets off on this “victimhood” Civil War nonsense.

  • rgbyref

    I’m amazed this thread hasn’t bee hijacked yet by Paul-zombies. At some other sites I frequent, the mere mention of him attracts hordes of the idiots.

    • ranger11

      Don’t go to those sites. Good positive mental health is a plus in this day and age.

  • ObamaAgain

    I view the Paul campaign as a compartmentalization routine that we see every election cycle (probably because Paul seems to run every 4 years). There is a subset of the electorate that shares Paul’s nutty beliefs and all they need is a moment in the sun to air their craziness and then go away with a whimper. It is a necessary part of the Progressive agenda because they remind us all of how close we can come to the kooks running the asylum.