Election 2012

South Carolina

I have no idea what the outcome will be today, but if South Carolina wants to preserve its crazy reputation, they should go ahead and pick Newt Gingrich.

If Gingrich wins, the lesson will be that race-baiting and the Southern Strategy are more powerful in the South than news of tragic marital infidelities and hypocrisy.

  • DarNamell

    I cannot fathom how these “Christians” can demand high moral behavior from everyone and then vote for folks who can’t even keep a solemn vow to their spouse. First Reagan, then this guy. Look, if a relationship falls apart, so be it, but I’m not the one demanding the government stay out of every place but the bedroom, until it is inconvenient for their voting habits.

    Hell, given this hypocrisy and their loathing of Mormons, the only actual family oriented Christian with a chance in this race is Obama. Guess they are gonna have to sell out their God so they can stay ideologically pure.