Open Thread

Still Laughing

Artist - Joe Heller

In other news, Speaker Boehner indicated today that House Republicans intend to take an infrastructure bill and payroll tax-cuts hostage and their ransom demand will be the Keystone XL pipeline that won't create jobs and won't supply oil to Americans.

Anyone watching the Pro-Bowl tonight? Live from Honolulu at 7 pm EST.

  • Treading_Water

    Did anyone actually watch the pro-bowl? I did, and it was crap. Next year, can we just have a swimsuit competition instead? At least that way some people would get something out of it. No competition, no hitting, no real football, just guys in costume prancing around.

    • JMAshby

      I just wanted to see specific players play. I didn’t really care which side won the game.

  • mrbrink

    I’ve been kind of worried that after the GOP Death Star’s defense shield is at full power– after right wing vote suppression laws, peer-pressure hipsters, Citizen’s United and all their concern-trolling internet flacks make voter apathy a goddamn constitutional amendment and have their way with the kind and sensitive world– I’m going to be scavenging for mouthfuls of food and droplets of fuel in the 2017 post apocalyptic Hellscape trying to survive the human species and its less evolved specimens above and beyond quadrant sector 7 of the Militant Survivalist Militarized Zone. And to the South of me will be the grand impassable Chinese Teton Walls at the Mexico border where the bible belt zombies patrol purgatory with their unstoppable hunger for naked pictures of Justin Bieber.

    To the East of me are partitioning oil pipelines that have long since dried up and now house the tortured spirits of Dick Cheney’s featured playlist of wrongfully dead woodland creatures. The squeaking and squawking can be heard for thousands of winding miles like a crazy straw spewing Earth tears. After the nuclear power plant meltdowns domino the Midwest and enclose this freakworld with moose brewing Canadians to the North, and I’m making my way out West to New America with my cats in a backpack on Pee-Wee Herman’s stolen bicycle because some blind oracle I met in a hallucination along Route 66 told me Oakland is the oasis of the future, so Oakland it is!

    But I’m worried that when I get there, finally reaching the sectarian war-ravaged gates of Tom Petty Castle– formally known by the locals as a “Medieval Times” since replaced by a tattered banner that says, “There Is Still Time… Brother“– and after begging and pleading, “just look at these cute little kitty faces!” they turn me away suspecting me of being a spy for the Status Quo Alliance because I can’t recite the proper hand gesture when tested for trustworthiness.

    Why didn’t I learn those fucking hand gestures?!

    • JMAshby

      Sounds like a script for the next Escape From -insert city here-

      If you haven’t seen the movie “Monsters” queue it up as soon as you can. It’s brilliant and was made on a budget of only around $15,000

      • mrbrink

        Like Snake Plissken without the nice boots and wrist watch motivation, or a worse version of a Bob & Doug McKenzie sci-fi movie within a movie.

        “Monsters”… I will definitely check it out. Thanks, duder.

        • JMAshby

          You won’t be disappointed. Technically it’s sci-fi but there’s a very real political and social commentary in it, especially toward the end.

  • ArrogantDemon

    As comic as these fuckers are, we cant be complacent and not do the work to give this man the presidency and a Congress and Senate he can do great things with.

    Other than that, these candidates are a fucing joke, no matter how much teh media tries to make them look like a credible threat