Open Thread

Super-PAC Man

I love that his cape is a dollar.

Artist - John Cole

In other news, a spokesman for Mitt Romney inadvertently admitted today that the employment numbers touted by the Romney campaign regarding his days at Bain Capital are actually false.

Another "woops" from the more safe and electable Mitt Romney.

  • Brutlyhonest

    Is there anything funnier than watching newt whine about the unlimited-contribution funded attack ads that are aimed at him? I mean, really? (a) your party was generally all for the citizen’s united decision and (2) you were the asshat in charge of the house when it went from reasonable discourse and disagreement over how to achieve the Country’s goals to the OMFG the dems are communists/socialists/left-wing radicals that want to destroy the country.

    So, newt: suck it up buttercup.

  • The_Dork_Knight

    Im reading Bob’s new post over at Huff Po… good work, btw. Question. Can someone explain to me why using drones to shoot missles at suspected terrorists is bad? Or at least, why its worse than firing cruise missles or endangering pilots to fire missles from conventional aircraft? Why are drones getting this unprecidented level of resistance?

    • ranger11

      Maybe because they’re less accurate and more prone to create collateral damage? I don’t really know. It’s a mystery to me why certain things become cause celebres and others don’t.

      • JMAshby

        They’re no less accurate.

        I think the word drone itself is the problem. The word drone conjures images of mindless workers and zombies. But the reality is there are real pilots flying the drones. They just happen to be sitting in Virginia while they do it.

        It’s a lot harder to demonize an F18 than a drone because then you’re demonizing the pilot. People don’t make the same connection with a drone. To them it’s just a robot.

        I don’t have numbers in front of me, but I’m sure bombings within the Iraqi no fly zone throughout the 90s killed far more people than every drone strike in Pakistan has. And I don’t recall anyone building their entire careers on that.

        By the way, Drone strikes in Pakistan officially ended on Dec 13th. Remember that next time someone cries about them.

        • ranger11

          I probably heard about it on the Maddow show. It’s really not my issue. I don’t understand the disappointment with this president over foreign policy. He’s winding down and has winded down wars. Libya was a coalitional effort. In my opinion, foreign affairs have been one of his biggest successes.

  • Rob in Denver

    Can someone confirm whether the political cartoonist John Cole is the same John Cole who runs Balloon Juice? I’ve tried to find out, but have come up bupkis. The names are just too common.

    • JMAshby

      No, not the same person.

      • Rob in Denver

        Thanks. I didn’t think so, but …