Super Stupid

Brit Hume says, "I just don't think it's despicable," that Marines urinated on the dead bodies of Taliban soldiers. Evidently Brit doesn't think it's despicable when a group of thoughtless jagoffs hand the enemy a bottomless cup of propaganda urging terrorists to kill more American soldiers and civilians.

Brit is regarded as the "smart one" at FNC.

  • Amber Brookman Jr

    so if there were pics of the taliban pissing on dead marines would all these tools still be going with the whole boys will be boys meme? or it’s not so bad…..yeah i think not:)

    • nicole

      Hell no. They’d be screaming for drones to attack the defilers. It’s only okay when we do it.

  • Charles Richard Brown

    Brit Humes… how can he possible allow himself to understand something that his job requires him to not understand?

  • incredulous72

    I think it’s been made abundantly clear that these idiots on the right have no souls; they sold them ages ago in exchange for mugging for the camera.

  • muselet

    Brit is regarded as the “smart one” at FNC.

    He is the smart one at FNC. (See what happens when you grade on a curve?)


  • Razor

    These are the same people who (rightfully) get up in arms about Westboro Baptist picketing military funerals, but laugh off the fact that we’re literally pissing on the dead?

    There ya go, Fred Phelps, don’t picket the funerals, just pee on the grave… apparently that’s okay.