Chart of the Day

Well, more like poll results in chart form. More verification that Americans would rather cut defense spending than Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and food stamps.

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Not sure why food stamps are less popular -- oh wait. Southern Strategy race-baiting demagoguery, etc, etc. Yes, that, even though more whites are on food stamps, but whatever.

  • http://www.osborneink.com OsborneInk

    People are not against their own food stamps, they’re against food stamps for them. Because you know the problem with “them.” They are lazy folks who don’t really want to work for a living, whereas I might be on food stamps or have family members on food stamps, but we deserve them.

    The notion of a “deserving poor” is one of the sickest rationalizations of social Darwinism, and it’s been around since at least the 19th Century.

    • ArrogantDemon

      I take it you’ve read this NY Times article


      Sucking off the government teat is fine for them, but if someone a little browner get some assistance, oh, its pure evil, government out of control.

      They dont want to pay for them, even though those who they consider “them” are paying taxes that goes to their social security, medicare, medicaid, free school lunches, and all sorts of goodies.

      They feel no shame and will be the first to raise hell when the GOTea cuts everything off via the Ryan Plan