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Can you spot the problem with this image?

That's not a union flag. It's the Wisconsin state flag. Wisconsin became a member of the union in 1848.

Nice scoop, Politico! Google caches only last for so long hence the screencapture. The story has been deleted.

  • Kerry Reid

    Donovan the Slack-Jawed Yokel. As a friend of mine pointed out, it takes about ten seconds to google “Wisconsin flag.” But why commit acts of journalism when being a mindless lapdog to the ideologies of your overlords is so much easier?

  • D_C_Wilson

    There was a time when to be considered a “journalist”, you were expected to take the time to get the basic facts right so that your employer would not be embarrassed by stuff like this.

  • OsborneInk

    And the editors at POLITICO wonder why they’re perceived as out-of-touch Beltway insiders.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Teh stoopidz…. It hurts…. Make it stop…..

    How many right-wingers will call into Teh Rady-O’s tomorrow and shriek, “Obama’s flyin’ a YEW-NYUN flag instedda the Amurkin’ flag at his rallEEEE!!! SOW-SHA-LIZZUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • ArrogantDemon

    Wow, both Politico and Politifact are full of fail

    One erases shit they get wrong, the other describes right-wing lies as “mostly true”

    So, this is how shits gonna be played from here on out?

    Fuckery will be afoot

  • muselet

    Can you spot the problem with this image?

    Politico still exists.


  • trgahan

    Just stupidity? Or signs of a political party/ideology seeing the writing on the wall and getting desperate? The good news is that this will be the lead story on Fox New tonight because their viewers will just keep saying to themselves “They tell me it’s a union flag! So it is a union flag!”

  • mrbrink

    You win this time, Liberals!

    But Politico is watching you!

    Don’t even think about sympathizing with constitutional rights to organize and collectively bargain or a media company will accuse you of Communism.

    Nice media we’ve carved out for ourselves. My lit cigarette has more structural integrity.

  • Michael Foley

    In the “Apology that SHOULD Have Been Department” (because all Politico did was take the article down), the top notch, professional, and totally unbiased team at Politco said the following: “In our rush to once again portray the President in a poor light, we carelessly tried to tie Mr. Obama to a common right-wing and Republican meme about progressives and labor unions. We regret…..that we got caught and once again made fools of by anyone with access to Wikipedia, Google, the Encyclopedia Britannica, an atlas or a fourth grade education from the state of Wisconsin…..oops. “

  • Grant Beaudette

    Pfff… That’s not even Wisconsin. Where are the palm trees?

    Personally, playing up the similarities between a state and a union doesn’t sound like a bad strategy.

  • Razor

    KagroX had the best response on Twitter, “Declaration of Independence signed by Local 1776.”