Epic Fail

Did Romney Win Maine or Didn’t He?

Could Ron Paul have been the true victor in Maine? That is the contention of the Ron Paul campaign who claims the outcome was altered by one county postponing their caucus due to bad weather.

Mitt Romney's squeaker victory in Maine's GOP presidential caucuses is being challenged by Ron Paul, who has fixed the spotlight on a remote rural county and is asking this pressing question: Was it a heavy snowstorm or just a light dusting that fell Saturday night in the easternmost reaches of the state?

Anticipating inclement weather, GOP officials in Maine's Washington County postponed their Saturday caucus for a week. But state party officials said those belated votes won't be allowed to change the outcome they announced Saturday night—that former Massachusetts Gov. Romney had won a statewide straw poll by 194 votes ...

Given that only 194 total votes separated Romney and Paul, it's possible Paul could have won if Washington County didn't delay their caucus. Regardless, party officials are telling Ron Paul "too bad."

The Republican party seems to have a really hard time properly holding caucuses. I'm sure it's nothing a good voter suppression ID law couldn't fix though, right?

  • mrbrink

    The GOP primaries are a laughingstock. The turnout is abysmal. The candidates are saying crazy things. No one seems to care that a few billionaires and millionaires are the mud propping up sham elections. Iowa can’t count. Some states are winner take all, some states’ delegates are non-binding and bound and gagged. Public opinion favors Republican policies less and less making Frank Luntz’s job nearly impossible, and they’ll probably hold on to the House and make gains in the Senate. Hopefully they’ll be rejected more locally. I’m a’scared.(These people are frightening)

  • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

    Either way its good for Dems because Paul and the Paulettes seem even more paranoid than usual and Romney appears weaker. Huzzah!

    • muselet

      Paul and the Paulettes. Worst R&B act ever.


      • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

        Amen, brutha! LMAO

  • D_C_Wilson

    Paul seems to be adopting a strategy of not winning any states, but gaming the caucuses so as to sneak his supporters into the convention as steal delegates. Rachel Maddow had a report on that last week.

  • http://twitter.com/j_scottthomas Scott Thomas

    Well, last time Washington County caucused only a little over 100 people showed up and RP only got 6 votes, so… as much as I’d like to kick Romney, this ain’t doin it.

  • http://twitter.com/MotorCityLib John Conner

    Maybe the Republicans are just working out the kinks when they try to steal the 2012 election.