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Fox & Friends Inventing Conspiracy Theories

Benen noticed:

On "Fox & Friends" this morning, Brian Kilmeade noted that good economic news matters a great deal when it comes to the president's fortunes, but only "if you believe these numbers."

A minute later, Gretchen Carlson added, "Unemployment has gone down, more jobs have been created. Now, you can argue about how those numbers, some people say they've been fabricated."

So we've reached this point. Actual evidence is dismissed as a conspiracy theory. I suppose the DJIA and the GDP is just a plot by President Obama's Muslim sleeper cell. Whoops! I said it! Now Gretchen Carlson can legitimately say "some people say" -- as in me -- instead of simply making it up.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    This is nothing new. 10 years ago, any news, facts or information that made President Bush look bad were “made up” by the “liberal media” and dismissed out of hand by Fox et al. That’s how you “create [y]our own reality”; accept whatever validates whatever it is you want to believe, reject what doesn’t, and give yourself a plausible excuse for doing so.

    I think we all do it to some degree; we dismiss what we hear and read on Fox, Drudge, right-wing radio, &c. just as readily. (Granted, it’s not always automatic; usually when I hear or read something over there that sounds outrageous, I’ll do a few minutes of research and find, 10 times out of 10, that the reality is quite different from what they’re reporting, i.e., they’re at least mischaracterizing it if not flat-out lying). But Fox is the only “news” outlet I’ve seen that actively encourages its viewers/readers to disbelieve everyone and everything else. Other outlets tend to at least explain why you should disbelieve a source, beyond vague aphorisms like “liberal agenda” or “left-wing bias” or “in the tank for Obama.”

    Stuff like this is comfort food for the simple mind. “Don’t let these so-called facts make you doubt yourself, or re-think your voting preferences; they’re probably lying to you anyway. Trust us, you’re voting for the right people, and we’re on your side.”


  • KQµårk™

    When you hear ‘some people say’ on Faux News it is inevitable followed by a bold faced lie.

  • nicole

    They should be taken off the goddamn air. If anyone is doing harm to this country, it’s these pricks.

    Fuck the terrorists. Fox is worse.

  • JackDaniel07

    Some people are saying Gretchen Carlson has a penis.
    Please provide it G.

  • Ferris J. Anderson Jr

    numbnutz is the best description for this bunch.

  • i_a_c

    Holy crap.

    Now, you can argue about Gretchen Carlson, some people say she wasn’t born in the United States.

    Can she provide her long-form birth certificate?

    • Hogshooter

      Sounds like a #somepeoplesay “Gretchen Carlson ___” is in order…