Election 2008

Game Changer or Whatever It's Called

The HBO movie based on Mark Halperin's unsourced, index-free book about the 2008 election has a new trailer.

I'll probably watch it, but I probably won't like it for several reasons.

1) It's based on a Mark Halperin book.

2) It's too soon. The scene in the movie in which Palin is delivering her convention speech is almost uncanny valley-style uncomfortable because the speech is so recent, we remember exactly what it looked and sounded like. So Julianne Moore imitating the pit bull lipstick line feels fakey and contrived. They should have stuck with the behind-the-scenes story and avoided the familiar public stuff -- The West Wing approach. Don't show Bartlet delivering the State of the Union because we all know what it looks like and the television replication of that scene would take us out of the story due to its lack of authenticity.

3) It's based on a Mark Halperin book.

4) Ever since HBO did The Late Shift, these recent-history dramas with familiar actors playing familiar living celebrities just feels cheap and silly. In the Game Change trailer (I hate that it's called a "game" because politics isn't a game, it's deadly serious) I don't see McCain or Palin, I see Ed Harris trying to be McCain and Julianne Moore trying to be Palin. It feels like a novelty or an SNL sketch.

5) It's based on a Mark Halperin book.

So that's that. I suppose it'll be fun to watch Moore portray Sarah Palin losing her shpadoinkle.

  • ArrogantDemon

    You latest podcast of referring to Halperin pitching a tent was very disturbing, and thanks for the brain bleach I will have to take to clean that thought out

  • Robert Scalzi

    it matters not to me who wrote the book or produced the movie…It’s about Caribou Barbie, which means it has absolutely no value whether it is well produced or not… I had almost completely forgotten about this irrelevant troll until I saw news reports on the movie.. and now she appears here again…

  • freakishlystrong

    Halperin is a dick.

  • http://twitter.com/Jeanabella Jeanabella

    I did see both trailers, and I agree with most of your post Bob. Mark is such a poser as far as I’m concerned. I don’t like his pretending to be non partisan when he is obviously not!
    The most stunning fact to come from the whole debacle of the Palin choice is that the Press let her go without exposing the depth of deceit this pol has perpetrated on the public! One big lie she spouted was that she was found “innocent” of ethics violations and of course, she was found guilty. The Press is mostly corporate paid and don’t have the trust of the public now. If this woman was a “heartbeat away” from the most powerful position in the world, where was the press vetting this pol?
    Yes, she’s a joke, but the damage she did to the public information is considerable.