GOP Base Goes Full-On Radical Secret Muslim

To recap -- one of Santorum's spokespersons "accidentally" referred to President Obama's "radical islamic policies." Franklin Graham, also a Santorum supporter, says he "can't categorically say" that President Obama is not an avowed Muslim. And now Tea Party Nation president Judson Phillips is forwarding emails accusing the president of lying about his faith and destroying the nation on behalf of a "false ideology," which is obviously code-speak for Islam.

Today Tea Party Nation president Judson Phillips emailed members an article from fellow activist Marcia Wood on the Arab Spring. Wood writes that “Obama has blatantly without remorse lied to Americans time and time again” in order to bolster the Muslim Brotherhood, and she claims to have figured out how the President can justify his supposed lying: “Without vetting it becomes quite apparent who he is, where he came from and what his business is in our United States. Remember that the Muslim Radicals believe it’s good to lie for a ‘greater cause.’” She concludes that Obama is “aggressively destroying our Nation cutting back on our Military power and nuclear capabilities as he pursues a false ‘ideology.’”

Isn't it a little early to be going full-on radical-secret-Muslim-deceiver? It's only February. Aren't you suppose to save this kind of rhetoric for October in a last ditch effort to drum up wingnut enthusiasm?

Have we now moved beyond the issue of birth control and arrived at the president's secret-Muslimyness? What's next?

I don't know what's next in their bag of asshattary, but I can tell you what isn't next -- the economy. Taxes. Healthcare. National security. Things that matter. Things that they cannot win on. Things they cannot easily demagogue and fundraise off of.

  • Tracey Page Christensen

    I just really want to know what fucking planet these people live on, because it certainly isn’t the one that sane people inhabit. Batshit fucking crazy – and that’s all they got.

  • villemar

    I believe the correct term is Full Retard.

    “Goodbye GOP Presidency, now you can have ice cream in heaven! I’ll see you again tonight when I go to bed in my head movies. But this head movie makes my eyes rain!”

  • Snudel

    “What’s next?”

    I’d guess the answer to that is the title of your previous post — They’ll try to convince people that the President is the antichrist.

    Sadly, no, I’m not joking. That’s what they went with in 2008.

  • CarolDuhart

    It does look like 2008 redux, doesn’t it? It’s clear about two things: they have nothing new, nothing positive to say. As a result there’s no enthusiasm on the Republican side which is why they are turning up to 110% early.

    You would think the extra bucket of crazy would be saved for the SuperPacs during the General, to excite the base, and more moderate stuff would be for now in order to woo wavering Independents and Democrats. But the base is so dispirited or apathetic that if they don’t come out, there’s no chance of victory at all regardless of what Indies and wavering Dems do.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    If the GOP had anything positive or substantive to offer voters, they would not need any of this intense, vicious, white-hot, fact-free, unrestrained, ungrounded, unthinking, psychotic paranoid fantasy-world hostility toward the President. If they had anything to offer, they wouldn’t need to make shit up, let alone make ridiculous, crazy, nonsensical shit up.

    Maybe it is only February, but maybe the GOP and its enablers already see a winnable election slipping away because, simply enough, nobody likes any of their candidates. They’re either weird, crazy, evil, or a combination of all three. (I was going to include stupid, but those have all dropped out.)

    I’m wondering what the landscape is going to look like when the POTUS and OFA really start campaigning. If the Republicans and their media enablers are trying to provoke Obama into an angry retort, it ain’t gonna happen. (As an aside, Obama is living proof that the old aphorism that adults tell you when you’re a kid, that if you don’t react to bullies by crying or getting angry or lashing out then they’ll stop picking on you, is a lie.) He’s too cool for that, too Jackie Robinson. I don’t think Obama will personally attack the GOP nominee whoever he is, because (a) it’s not his style, and (b) he doesn’t have to.

    This year’s campaign won’t be much different from 2008. Just pile the new bullshit onto the old bullshit. In the end, it all smells the same.

  • muselet

    Isn’t it a little early to be going full-on radical-secret-Muslim-deceiver?

    As serious drinkers say, it’s five o’clock someplace.


    • Bob Rutledge


      When ever was the Out There Wingnut Right (which all o’ the above most certainly are) ever not going full-on radical-secret-Muslim-deceiver?

  • nicole


    These people are insane.