• mrbrink

    “Romney Straining to Get to the Right of Genghis Khan.”

    Brilliant piece of writing on that. Some of the comments were funny, too. Good looking out.

    And Mitt Romney showing his face in Michigan ever again should look like the peaceful town of Rock Ridge when they found out the new sheriff was near.

    “Hey, friend. I said let Detroit go bankrupt and I meant it.”

    Idiot. The only position he won’t flip flop over making him an irrefutably tone deaf imbecile whose only strength is his free time to roam the country– learning nothing of its inhabitants and culture– pretending to be hopelessly unconvinced that too many people just don’t like him for all the right reasons.

    “I think it’s a great idea, GREAT, GREAT, GREAT idea! Maybe the greatest idea ever(and I know a little something about great ideas, my friend. Did you see the 2002 winter Olympics? They were talking about as far away as Elsinore!) that we should be testing hungry and homeless people for drug use!”

    “We should be doing experiments on them, too. Find out what makes them so poor and needy and unexceptional.”

    “As president, I promise to figure out what makes you people tick.”

    I think Romney looks much worse this time around just because president Obama sets the bar so freakishly high. They’re not even trying anymore. Just doubling down on the money bombs and baiting Christian racists.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Can we strip Mittens of the presumptive nominee status. Michigan should be in his pocket since he was born there, but he’s sticking to his “It would have been better to let Detroit go bankrupt” story. Plus, the more he talks, the more he comes across as the least-empathetic Vulcan ever.

  • Dan_in_DE

    By the way, I’m gonna make myself even scarcer than I’ve been — not sure that I’ll even find the time to lurk while I’m finishing up my master thesis. So go right ahead and read me the riot act..

    Seriously, damnit. You can read me the riot act!

    But I wont be around much ; )

    • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

      You’ve been pretty scarce, Dan. :)

      Hurry up and finish up your thesis, then come back! You will be missed.

      • Dan_in_DE

        Thanks! I’m glad to know that people notice me around here. We’re not the biggest on socializing at bobcesca — if you’re looking for banter, head over to balloon-juice. One of the great things about this site is that you can keep up with the comments without dedicated obscene amounts of time. And the folks here are smart!

        By the way, sorry for baiting you on the Greenwald post the other day. I was clearly trolling with that one. Here’s my point though. Succinctly: we’re better served to approach the GG-unit with disappointment than with disgust, because he is a great formulater of ideas and he’s popular. When we take a reasoned approach to criticizing him, his (often self-righteous, rabid) followers are more likely to consider what we have to say. And it is disappointing. Imagine how effective Greenwald could be supporting this president and actual progress.

        I’ll be back. *does Governator voice* But I’ll have to switch names as I’ll soon be back stateside, and no longer “in DE”.

    • mrbrink


      Your knowledge is my power.

      • Dan_in_DE


        Also, this.

  • Dan_in_DE

    There’s no turning back — it’s too late to stop now!

    Keep it up Chris Christie, and you’ll be just as irrelevant as the rest by the time you muster up the courage..