Epic Fail

Never-Ending Derp in Maine

By now it's been thoroughly established that the Maine Republican caucus, and the caucus environment in general, is a clusterfuck, but this particular bit of information is far too ridiculous to ignore.

"We have worked diligently to contact town chairmen throughout Maine to reconfirm the results of their individual caucuses. These totals once confirmed will be posted on the Maine Republican Party website," state party chairman Charlie Webster said in a statement.

Politico is reporting that Webster said there were "clerical errors" in counting the results, such as some votes weren't included because they were in e-mails that went to spam.

The votes went to the goddamn spam folder!

I understand that vote totals are sometimes communicated via email here in the 21st century, but the spam folder!? What this tells me is that vote totals were exchanged using personal email accounts rather than state issued or party issued email accounts, because there's no reason such accounts would mark fellow accounts as spam.

It can't be overstated how irresponsible and just plain stupid this is.

  • Brutlyhonest

    “The votes went to the goddamn spam folder!”

    Where all republican votes belong.

  • Nefercat

    It makes more sense if you remember that the Republicans were the ones in 2008 sending out Western Union style “telegrams” (Breaking news! Send money now! stop!) via snail mail while the Democrats were busy with ah, 21st century communication methods.

  • atlavely

    Ray has an interesting and unfortunately believable thought.

    However, it could also speak to the excitement the current slate of Rep candidates has generated, to wit: not much. No one cares because it ain’t who we want. No, really.

    And maybe in your world JM, a state or party email account wouldn’t inadvertently direct a message from one of its own to spam, but that’s a function of the way it’s been set up. But, that’s not a big deal, the big deal is that whoever was expecting those results didn’t look for them. Didn’t check the spam folder. Didn’t pick up a phone and ask, hey, you send those yet? Getting kinda late.

    No interest in the 2012 race. In New England, we’re used to “Wait till next year!” or 2016, in this case.

    • muselet

      At first, I read that as “it could also speak to the excrement the current slate of Rep candidates has generated”, which works disturbingly well, too. (I have a weird brain.)


    • mrbrink

      “No interest in the 2012 race.”

      Good. Weren’t gonna be president anyway and the cowardly 2016 lurkers know it.

      It’ll be the same talking point crap in a slightly different box come 2016 for the GOP. And if you’re one to think you’re going to get a better republican candidate in 2016 than Alpha Democrat X: Year 2016– coming of age during the fine example of the Obama presidency and an historically consequential Pelosi congress– you will probably find a reason to get excited when your nominee is handed down from Mount RNC in 2012. I’m not buying into the apathy bit until November 7th 2012.

      A majority schizoid conservative electorate is why “we” have no current electable GOP front runner to cling to like the second coming of Reagan.

      No great authoritarian leader to prop up to set us back at least a decade, just yet.

      No top-down consensus, so registered republicans are all just jerking levers, misplacing and flushing ballots because they don’t really *do* counting votes, or encouraging everyone to vote, or counting the “right” votes, anyway, do they?

      American democracy and vote counting is in the wrong hands when it’s in the GOP’s. It’s not so much voter apathy hampering registered republicans. It’s voter lunacy. As soon as the RNC brewmeister cranks up the organ, I believe the same 65 million nuts who turned out for Sarah Palin, and who continue to tell everyone they “told us so” in regard to president Obama, will come together on the ice in a gloriously white-men-only Hallmark movie moment based on closeted gay porn collections, fear, ignorance, and spite. And something else. Bumper stickers, maybe?

  • http://twitter.com/Raypc800 Raymond Smith

    Hey what do you want an honest election with all votes being counted? That just is not the GOP way. After all the votes do not matter the higher ups have already decided that Romney has won!
    Jeesh one would think you are implying that the GOP values the sanctity of Democracy via the individual vote or something! They gave that up years ago for Corporate rule!

    • muselet

      Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence. –Napoleon Bonaparte