Epic Fail

Moment of Derp

Allen West, everybody.

Here is the bottom line, last night it took 70 dollars to fill the tank of my 2008 H3 Hummer, what is it costing you? What does it cost the president to fill his gas tank? -Allen West on President Obama's energy policy

My gas-guzzling Hummer only gets 15 more miles per gallon than an M1 Abrams main battle-tank, and it cost me 70 dollars to fill the tank! Obama's fault!

Can Allen West be redistricted out of his seat a little sooner, please?

  • incredulous72

    I want the constitution amended.


    I want a provision added to the constitution that ANYONE running for the House of Representatives, the Senate and the Presidency MUST have a psych eval before being nominated to either party; EITHER PARTY.

    This man is clearly insane and shouldn’t be holding a congressional seat.
    And I’m pretty sure with this new provision to the constitution, we could end the republican party as it currently exists.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rick-Janes/607039439 Rick Janes

      A friend who has been to Florida recently said West and Dan Webster, the vacuous boob who took Alan Grayson’s seat, are both about a popular as a case of shingles and should be gone in the next election.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rycarson Ryan Carson

    Oh.my.Gawd. You couldn’t create a better cartoon character of an out-of-touch jerkwad than Allen West.

  • http://www.osborneink.com OsborneInk

    Actually, it makes perfect sense that Allen West would be driving a Hummer. He never got over the fact he had to resign his commission for torturing an innocent Iraqi man, and the truck lets him pretend to former glories.

    As I keep saying, that man was the sort of officer we used to call “Captain America” and not in a good way.

    • muselet

      I find it hilarious that he’s driving an H3, which was the “small” Hummer.

      What an ass.


    • Brutlyhonest

      HEY NOW! He’s a real ‘merkin HEe-RO who had the guts to do what was needed to save his men! Only real men like him have the guts to break the law and disobey orders when necessary (just like Iran-Contra). Instead of being allowed to retire he should have been promoted to Army CoS!

      That’s the kind of crap wingnuts always post in threads about what a maroon this asshat is.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rick-Janes/607039439 Rick Janes

        Yeah, him and ‘Col.’ Oliver North, the ‘hero’ of forcing his secretary to hide documents in her pants so they could be sneaked out of the building. What a man!

  • D_C_Wilson

    I suppose someone could suggest to him that maybe a Hummer isn’t really such a smart buy, but to someone like West, that would probably be akin to cutting his own balls off.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rick-Janes/607039439 Rick Janes

      DC, I understand West cut his own balls off years ago to protect his ‘purity of essence.’ He didn’t want to take a chance that his vital bodily fluids might end up in an area he couldn’t control.