Morning Awesome

Morning Awesome

Our U2 POP theme week for its 15th anniversary continues. Here's my favorite track from the album, "Last Night on Earth".

  • ranger11

    It’s not “Wake Up Dead Man”? Oh well…

  • jezebel

    I like U2’s social ethic. Thanks Bono! :)

  • DetroitSam

    When Will President Obama’s Critics Admit They Were Wrong? via @HuffingtonPost

    • jezebel

      What does your comment have to do with the above video?

      Oh, you’re just a paid spam-tard troll? Gotcha. ;)

      • villemar

        That’s actually a great article with which I completely agree. That being said, I prefer my U2 threads pristine :-)

        This video seems to use the later-modified, cleaned up post-album version. This track sounds particularly great live…the live Mexico City version is one of my favorites from that show.