'PolitiFact, You Are A Disaster'

As a reliable fact-checking service -- one of only two -- Politifact has utterly crashed and burned. Their latest trespass involves a quote by Marco Rubio claiming that a majority of Americans are conservative. Not true. At all. So what did Politifact say about it? Here's Rachel Maddow with the kicker:

Yep. Mostly true, they said, even though their very own evidence debunked Rubio's claim.

Rachel is absolutely right. They're a disaster.

I've mentioned this before but it bears repeating: I still believe a notable percentage of Americans are afraid to identify as liberal since the word has become so demonized over the years -- especially the last 10 years. Also, if you look at issue polling, you'll notice that Americans are more liberal on most of them.

  • http://kylopod.blogspot.com/ Kylopod

    I just did a post a couple of days ago about the Politifact article, Maddow’s response, and the larger question of ideology. I agree that part of the reason for these polls is the demonization of the word “liberal.”