Right-Wing Dick Moves

However misguided, some conservatives are earnest defenders of an ideology. But most are unprincipled schoolyard bullies who simply antagonize without regard to consistency.

An example of this observation is their criticism of the president's (relatively few) vacations. Make no mistake, this is all about two things: 1) a "lazy and shiftless" racial dog whistle, and 2) retaliating against liberals for criticizing President Bush's record number of vacation days.

But this item in the Washington Examiner attacks the First Lady for a ski trip. Again, I'm not sure when families became fair game, though it's not shocking that conservatives would open that door. They're responsible for a lot of awfulness. This, in particular, isn't about policy or ideological awfulness. It's just a dick move.

  • Miranda

    Because see….Michelle and the girls were supposed to take the greyhound bus to Opryland and stay in a Motel 6…like real murikans do.

  • jmby

    Even the Mafia and Cosa Nostra leave the wives and children out of it.

    Stay classy (and desperate), Republicans.

  • mrbrink

    As a follow-up to the knuckle-dragging idiot-outrage over First Family’s vacations, what these people don’t understand is that anywhere the first family goes is an automatic stimulant to local economies. And seeing them out and about is a sign of confidence, a little like beach goers in Jaws who wouldn’t let the fear of a giant shark prevent them from enjoying life. Eventually they got tired of fearing, killed that fucking shark, and went on with their lives.

    The shark is dead but for right wing America– the fear remains.

    How can the first family take vacations when there’s so much hating to do right here in our tiny box of fear and self-loathing?!

    Taking vacations is now elitist and self-indulgent, apparently, because the GOP’s middle income class vision for America only allows for poverty wages and stagnant mobility. Can’t move to another state because your healthcare is tied to your job creator. Can’t let productivity suffer or the job creators lose some of those trillions in record profits they’re hoarding from the economy– rather than distributing them more equitably among struggling employees. Can’t have a nice retirement unless Wall street has a good year, and after Social Security is systematically killed by a thousand cuts, you can work at Walmart greeting future Walmart greeters. Can’t have relief from your medical bills because Medicare-for-all is the Devil! You don’t deserve rest and relaxation, or a better quality of life! Hopeless pain and helpless misery are your vacations now!

    And never mind that Bush was born into wealth and privilege and a life that was one long Billy Madison vacation, or that president Obama and first lady Michelle know the value of a dollar because they were not born into il-gotten wealth, barely paying off student loans by the time they were voted into the White House. They actually eat the vegetables grown in her garden!

    It comes down to: Black people just don’t understand, or appreciate, the meaning of economic freedom!

  • Razor

    Always an easy response to this nonsense though: Bush spent 1/3 of his presidency on vacation.

    • mrbrink

      Oh no. Cutting down America-hating brush on a fake ranch is doing the work of the nation.

  • mrbrink

    Oh, the comments under that article are a sight to behold.

    Bush republicans drove the economy into a ditch, and we’re all supposed to continue to suffer for their sins. Can’t save the auto industry. Can’t regulate the banks. Can’t fix our infrastructure. Can’t raise taxes on corporations. Christmas has been cancelled and your vacations have been revoked, and the presidential venue has been moved into the back ally where all uppity first families belong.

    It’s like a lingering, wing-nutty fart in the family car and they all want the world to breathe deep without making a move toward the window.

    They’re all degenerates.

    • nicole

      I just went and read some of the comments. These people are insane, vile, hate-filled cretins.

      It’s scary that we share the same country, frankly. :(

      Adding…it took them less than 5 minutes to remove my rather innocuous comment. ;)

      My God, you people are really insane.

      Washington Examiner, you have become just as bad as Fox Nation. I intend to find out if the Secret Service is monitoring this site because they absolutely should be.