Run Away Scott Walker. Run Away.

President Obama is visiting Scottwalkerstan today, which may be considered ground zero in the war against unions and, not surprisingly, Governor Walker has decided not to accompany the president on his tour of a union-backed factory he name dropped in the State of the Union.

There has been a change of plans in today’s meeting between President Obama, who is visiting Wisconsin to promote his economic policies, and the state’s conservative star Gov. Scott Walker.

Walker’s office has confirmed that due to a stomach flu, Walker will no longer accompany Obama on a tour of the local Master Lock factory, at which Obama is scheduled to speak in the afternoon. [...]

Obama name-dropped Master Lock in his State of the Union address in January, as an example of jobs coming back to America — and unionized jobs, at that.

Walker may or may not be sick, but if you truly believe that is the reason for his absence, I have some doomsday insurance to sell you.

Ironically, going on a tour with the president would probably increase Walker's overall approval rating, but he can't because he knows he will be the most hated person in the room and will be protested and booed.

  • ArrogantDemon

    He met him at the tarmac, but lost his balls joining him further.

    He was so brolic at CPAC, telling them he told Obama off, but was so nice and accommodating at the tarmac. Whats wrong, Scottie, you got sick in the balls too?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rick-Janes/607039439 Rick Janes

      Scott of the Koch Bros. knew he’d be booed at MasterLock if he showed his face and he didn’t need the optic of cheers for Obama while he gets the raspberries. BTW, accoring to friends in the state, Walker is the most unpopular Wisconsin politician any of them can remember, and some go back 70 years. If this guy isn’t recalled, it would have to be due to vote theft on a massive scale.

  • muselet

    I don’t believe Scott Walker’s stomach flu is real, either.

    However, if it is, I hope it’s a doozy of a case.


  • ebaker6375

    LOL, so does this mean he’s literally shitting himself over coming face to face with the president??

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TLHIXVS2CHDJNWYPZJIZ5NNZ3A Robert

    Obama should openly mock him as the guy who didn’t show due to a “tummy ache”.

    (Obama won’t. He does have class.)

  • mattpd

    what a pussy… at least Jan Brewer showed up. But this is the kind of petty shit pulled by some on that side.

    This affords me another opportunity to call out Dick Cheyney for suddenly coming up with a bad back at President Obama’s innauguration. I thought back then and still to this day think he was doing some kind of small minded “in-joke” protest so he could claim he never stood up in front of the president. Now, if he would’ve had a heart attack, that I could buy. but in the previous 8 years there was never any mention of a bad back.

    • stacib23

      I thought back then and still to this day think he was doing some kind of small minded “in-joke” protest so he could claim he never stood up in front of the president.

      Agreed 100%. I never could have imagined though how bad it would become. The blatant disrespect shown to this president is worse than shameful.