The Face of Insanity

Making an appearance at the halfway point in his metamorphosis into an actual troll, Andrew Breitbart addressed CPAC yesterday in contradiction to his previous pledge to boycott the event.

Following his appearance last night, he ventured outside to yell at the nearby Occupy protesters, repeatedly telling them to "behave" themselves and to "stop raping people."

The following video features a man who is clearly not in full possession of his faculties.

There's been no word on whether or not Andrew passed out at a cheap bar afterward, but what we do know is this man, seen here yelling "stop raping people," has been at the center of a number of completely fabricated scandals that have resulted in legislative action to kill ACORN and defund Planned Parenthood. Fake scandals that have resulted in honest working people losing their jobs.

CPAC is a UFO convention.

(via Chris)

  • mrbrink

    “Racist, sexist, anti-gay, racist bigots go away!”

    This phrase would be alien to the Convention of Humanity if not for the likes of Andrew Breitbart.

    It’s a shame he doesn’t seem to know that, or care.

    Adding…but just for good measure, Breitbart’s looking like he just escaped from Sasquatch’s gimp box.

    • cousinavi

      The gimp ain’t sleepin’…the gimp never sleeps.

      Well then, you won’t have to go wake him up.

      • mrbrink

        Nice of you to bring the pair of pliers and a blow torch.

  • ArrogantDemon

    His type use to be regulated as freshly released mental patients yelling at people passing by, now with the Internet, he’s a speaker at a political convention, oh, how times have changed

  • D_C_Wilson

    CPAC is a UFO convention.

    I disagree. People at UFO conventions honestly believe in what they talk about. CPAC attendees have to know on some level that they’re full of shit.

  • Chachizel

    Wow….what else can I say but, what a fuckin’weirdo!

  • muselet

    That screencap makes Breitbart look like that guy down by the courthouse who harangues passersby about the end of the world. Oh, wait …


  • GrafZeppelin127

    Let’s say it again, now, all together and with feeling:

    Andrew Breitbart is a CHILD.

  • Not Sayin

    Oh man. Breitbart gets drunker and scarier by the day. He’s – wow. I’m surprised anyone lets him show up to anything. He looks like he might even bet starting to smell a little funky.

  • drsquid

    “Stop raping people” is pretty rich from someone who paid James O’Keefe to rape a CNN personality.

  • KQµårk™

    Surprise surprise. Aryanna’s BFF Breitbart has gone 100% troll. Just like the comments on her troll echo chamber.

    Since Mr. Cesca is a big Star Trek fan. I’m sure he remembers the episode where the entity boards the Enterprise and creates havoc between the Enterprise crew and the Klingons just to absorb the energy from their hatred and fear. Well that’s what AOLHP does now living off of faux outrage mostly against the president.

    I don’t know what Breitbart’s current arrangement is with AOLHP or if they have a relationship at all but they started this hate filled mess on the left.

    • ArrogantDemon

      He sends his trolls to be “former Obama supporters” with right wing talking points

    • nicole

      Nailed it, Quark.

      Jesus. He’s a scourge.