Worst Person in the World

Dr. Zaius (Brent Bozell) for this:

Brent Bozell, founder of the Media Research Center, is providing a sneak preview to the kind of discrimination employees will experience if the amendment becomes law.

Upon hearing news of President Obama’s regulation requiring all employers to offer contraception coverage without additional cost sharing, Bozell examined his own organization’s insurance policy and was “horrified” to learn that MRC’s plan has long provided contraception (and abortion) coverage. Bozell asked his employees to stop using “contraception/abortifacient/abortion services” and promised to eliminate the benefits at once.

This is the height of GOP opposite-day petulance. Damning his own workers to make an archaic political point.

  • Grant Beaudette


    • IrishGrrrl

      LOL! I demand unregulated patent medicine! Give me some of that “Sagwa Blood, Liver, and Stomach Renovator”!

  • Jeremiah

    It’s not an archaic political point. I mean, maybe it is for him. But a LOT of these people REALLY believe in this. REALLY believe that women should be subservient and not be allowed out of the house. That every sperm is sacred. Etc.

    I think it’s a misstep if we just pawn this off as political points. A LOT of them believe this stuff. And no science or reason will convince them otherwise.

    • atlavely

      If that’s the case, only the case, why vasectomies? If indeed every sperm is sacred, what about all those, doomed to fail by surgery?

      Thanks to Georgia, a complete surprise.
      Thanks for sharing

  • GrafZeppelin127

    I once had a wingnut over at HuffPo refer me to the MRC when I asserted that, paraphrasing, “There is a liberal media, but there is no The Liberal Media™. There may have been in 1974, but even if there was, there isn’t today. The Media™, to the extent it exists as a single entity and can be characterized as such, today is corporate, not ‘liberal’.”

    Naturally, Mr. Wingnut disputed this contention, insisted that The Media™ is “liberal,” gave me a link to the MRC’s “research” that “proves” it, and said, “Here, bone up.”

    I took one look at the linked material and replied, “You may ‘bone up’ when you read the conclusions of right-wing think tanks like the Media Research Center, but I don’t.”

  • Becky Stinson Kutz

    NO! This is great! Let these assholes just keep it up. They are exposing themselves more and more each day that this has NOTHING to do with religious freedom.

  • J Michael Carter

    Please do not besmirch the name of Dr. Zaius.