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Andrew Breitbart Dead at 43

This is a bit of a shocker.

Andrew Breitbart, the conservative blogger and journalist, died suddenly on Thursday morning, according to his website Big Journalism. He was 43.

The site said that Breitbart died of "natural causes" shortly after midnight on Thursday. ABC News confirmed that Breitbart had passed away. Breitbart's attorney also confirmed the news to CNN.

Breitbart's father-in-law told the Associated Press that Breitbart was walking near his house when he collapsed. Someone saw him fall and called 911. Breitbart was taken to UCLA Medical Center, but could not be revived.

I don't have much to say about Andrew at this point. More later on the podcast. Some other reactions:

Sarah Palin:

We are all stunned and saddened by the news of Andrew Breitbart’s passing. Andrew was a warrior who stood on the side of what was right. He defended what was right. He defended the defenseless.

Rick Santorum:

What a huge loss, in my opinion for our country and certainly for the conservative movement. My prayers go out to his family.

Michele Bachmann:

Andrew Breitbart’s family is in my prayers at the news of his sudden passing. Today we lost a true conservative and a man of conviction.

Mitt Romney:

Ann and I are deeply saddened by the passing of @AndrewBreitbart: brilliant entrepreneur, fearless conservative, loving husband and father.

Media Matters:

"there was never any question of Andrew's passion for and commitment to what he believed"

Cliff Schecter:

Reminder as we watch geriatric hooker users debate womens access2 birth control--O'Keefe & Breitbart helped kick it off w/bogus PP "sting."

And finally, here's how Breitbart memorialized the passing of Ted Kennedy back in 2009.

UPDATE: Andrew Breitbart's slash-and-burn pursuit of his own career destroyed countless lives and livelihoods. Innocent bystanders in the public debate -- noncombatants as I sometimes call them -- were crushed by Andrew's mendacity, his obsessive careerism and his unethical business practices. Workers at ACORN and everyone who that organization sought to help have been crushed. The war against Planned Parenthood was started by Andrew Breitbart and that's led to its defunding by both Congress and Komen. Who knows how many women will ultimately be hurt by Breitbart's scams and prank videos. I have nothing positive to say about him.

  • rob black

    I haven’t been this moved by a death since that of Robert Novac..or was it Jerry Falwell?

    -Ragnoroth, assistant gatekeeper of hell

  • D_C_Wilson

    I don’t believe in cheering over the death of someone, not even someone who had dedicated his life being the embodiment of everything that is wrong with American politics.

    Introspect, this isn’t really that surprising. Looking at his recent appearances, Breitbart has been deteriorating both physically and mentally for months now. Whether it was drugs or just the stress of carrying all of his hatred around, it looks like he was killing himself from the inside for a while now.

  • villemar

    Not only does he not deserve my sympathy, but he doesn’t deserve my schadenfreude either. That’s something I only bequeath to the deserving. Whatevs.

    So, what else is going on in the world today? Do you think Sarkozy has any chance of retaining power or is he pretty much doomed?

    I have to buy a transformer at Radio Shack. I don’t think I’ve set foot in a Radio Shack in 5 or 6 years, to replace a watch battery. I’ve always wondered how that place stays in business.

    Last week I saw The Artist and Midnight in Paris to gear up for the Academy Awards so I’d have something to root for. I’ll see Hugo within the next few days. I want to see the Descendents but I can’t justify seeing it on the big screen. I’ll wait till it comes on DVD or one of the premium movie channels. I also want to see Drive, I heard that was really good. Right now it’s on Pay Per View; so I’ll wait on that.

    The last purely mindless pointless movie I saw just for the pure Grindhouse mayhem/lulz factor was “Hobo With a Shotgun” starring Rutger Hauer. It was awesome, but you have to appreciate that kind of deliberately shlocky 70’s over-the-top grindhouse style. It’s not as well put together as Machete, but delivered exactly as promised.

    I could go for a nice tuna melt. There’s nothing like a good tuna melt!

    • incredulous72

      Good Grief this was awesome! Thanks villemar. ;-)

      • villemar

        Why thank you, incredulous! How is your week going thus far? Any weekend plans?

    • ranger11

      Drive is very good. Much better than I thought it would be. Definitely in my top five for last year. Don’t know why it wasn’t nominated for anything.

      • villemar

        I haven’t seen it, but really want to, and it’s pretty high up on my to see cue. There was some chatter that Albert Brooks should have been nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

        • ranger11

          Brooks was good; although I’m on the fence on whether he should have been nominated. Ryan Gosling though got robbed. And if you like sudden violence this movie has it. I even had to turn my head a few times. Watch out for Albert Brooks with a knife and fork.

    • eljefejeff

      Don’t go to many movies…Drive is one of the few I saw last year. It started off very slow, got a lot better as it went on. I probably wouldn’t have finished it if we didn’t pay $50 for my night at the theater. Glad I stayed. I always love Albert Brooks but no, I don’t think he was cheated out of a nomination.

  • mrbrink

    Dust in the wind…

    He’ll be missed by sociopaths everywhere.

    They’re actually memorializing him on the floor of the U.S. Congress.

    I heard the news during a commercial break while listening to Thom Hartmann talk about our crumbling infrastructure, aged and deteriorated water delivery pipes, in particular, and the Republican party trying to give multi-national corporations exclusive veto power over women’s healthcare rights.

    I needed a laugh by the time the segment had ended.

    So, thank you, Andrew Breitbart.

    • ranger11

      Memorializing him? I guess he did good work for them on that ACORN thing. Celebrating a racist lying thug? Sheeeeeeeit!

    • Not Sayin

      Holy shit. That’s just – fuck me. I need an island somewhere.

  • Janet ODell

    To paraphrase Bette Davis:

    “Always say something good about the dead. Breitbart’s dead. Good.”

    And now if white trash Rush Limbaugh would follow, it’d be REAL GOOD !

  • Neil White

    Well said. In his own words, “why do you grant a BULLY special status upon his death?” I don’t think a tragic early death excuses a life lived as a pompous and vindictive bully that smeared and lied to ruin other people’s lives, and basically represented everything wrong with journalism and politics.

  • Stephen LaRose

    I probably won’t be the first person to point this out.

    But he called himself a journalist, and when he died, it was first reported on his website, but few people outside of his most ardent followers believed it — because, in the end, his journalism had no credibility.

  • bob zubbo

    Shirley Sherrod Editing Scandal:

    Breibart Screaming at Occupy Protesters:

    Breitbart Screaming at Max Blumenthal:

    This is the legacy that he leaves behind. His lifestyle of rage-ridden activism and the stress it brought him no doubt played a part in his death. Breitbart did very little to further the cause of promoting rational discourse in American politics, and the pathological conviction he had in defaming others is nothing to be lauded.

  • stacib23

    People are being a lot kinder to this man than he ever would have been to one of you. Read his commentary when Ted Kennedy died. Ted Kennedy also left many people that loved him, but it mattered not a bit to Andrew Breitbart. It would be the height of hypocrisy to pretend we’ve lost a great statesman or positive contributor to public discourse. He did everything he could to make things worse. Good riddance.

    • JackDaniel07

      your first sentence sums it up best

  • Brutlyhonest

    He was a hateful, vile sack of shit. Now he’s a dead, hateful, vile sack of shit. I won’t feign sympathy for him. His family will be fine due to his ill-gotten wealth.

  • BadSaratoga


    Thank you once again for your voice of reason and truth. I don’t have anything to say about Breitbart, except that I’m glad the insanity has finally stopped.

    It’s pathetic to read the comments on the Huff Po article. You’d think the guy was a saint. Either that or the trolls are out in force to put spin on his demise.

    Great blog post.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    I just had a troubling thought.

    I haven’t yet taken the time to survey the reactions to this in the media/blogosphere on either side, let alone the Right™ (I do have to work, after all), but I have a sinking feeling that by the time Hannity and O’Reilly go on the air tonight, the focus over there will be on how happy “liberals”/”The Left™” are about this; that “liberals”/”The Left™” are “celebrating” or “cheering” or “rejoicing” or, to use one of their favorite phrases/images, “dancing in the streets.” I’m sure they’ll have a lot more to say about Breitbart and his passing than that, but why I do I think this will be the prevailing motif? Why do I think there will be a very carefully-selected set of tweets or HuffPo comments in keeping with this theme presented to the audience as a representative sample of what “The Left™” “is saying”? Why do I think that all of the accolades they’re sure to present over Breitbart’s life and work will take a back seat to the presentation of “proof” of how awful “liberals”/”The Left™” are, followed by the host and guest heartily agreeing thereon?

    • Not Sayin

      Oh you can read all about the vile left and the hateful liberal scum by searching #Breitbart on Twitter. It’s…phenomenal in a way. And scary.

    • Ellen Kuhlmann

      They’d say that no matter how many libs were respectful of his demise. They don’t let facts get in their way.

  • Chad Burns

    Thank you Bob. I am sorry for the loss to his family, their’s is a sad vigil that should know no politics. But, I am glad you said what you said and made the point you made.

  • nicole

    i normally would just say “RIP” re the passing of someone I dislike. In this case, this obscenely ugly man deserves nothing even remotely decent. HE wasn’t decent. HE knowingly ruined lives and hurt people. For no reason.

    Fuck Andrew Breitbart.

  • deazl666

    Bad dude – not sad he’s gone.

  • jjasonham

    I’ve never wished for anyone to die. However, this is a death I will not mourn. Hate like his can consume the soul, mind and eventually body.

  • maryyooch

    Well said, Bob!
    Very well stated.

  • mnpollio

    I am thrilled to actually see someone be honest and admit that there is nothing positive to say about Andrew Breitbart. At other websites, watching people who despised the man twist themselves into knots to give him a glowing memorium has been sickening on too many levels to count. Most of them admit to disagreeing with him on virtually everything, but admiring his “passion”! What a load of hogwash. The guy was a menace who accelerated the debasement of political discourse. He knowingly lied, provided doctored footage and destroyed people’s lives and livelihoods on a large scale, while ramping up the attacks on many ill-equipped to defend themselves with his violent rhetoric, and unleashed the arguably even more detestable James O’Keefe to perpetuate this psychotic nightmare. I am not sorry the man is no longer with us, the legacy he has left us with is nothing short of appalling and may never be corrected at the rate we are going, and unfortunately like the mythical hydra Breitbart probably has enough sycophants in waiting that several of them will spring up to take his place (maybe even the inexcusable O’Keefe will replace him). Anyone who disagreed with him and admired his “passion” is being dishonest. Should we admire Hitler because he was “passionate” with his Final Solution? Should we admire Jack the Ripper because he was “passionate” about his carving skills? The answer is a resounding NO – so I am not remotely compelled to honor Breitbart’s supposed passion either. Good riddance!

    • Victor_the_Crab

      Love your post. ;)

  • bphoon

    To conlude: Breitbart offered no respect to the objects of his vitriol; he therefore deserves none from me. We reap what we sew.

    Andrew Breitbart now gets to answer to his Creator for the wrongs he perpetrated. Justly so.

    • Not Sayin

      Sow. I don’t think Breitbart sewed much, except to string some half-truths together and try to make a name for himself. But I like your point. ;-)

  • bphoon

    Andrew Breitbart was a hateful, lying demogogue who had no regard for who he had to hurt, walk over or destroy to get a few more page views. He was one of those “any means justifies the end” types who are so prevelant in what passes for a conservative movement in this country these days. I certainly will not miss him and I daresay our political discourse, not to mention our country, are sure to be better off without him.

    To those of you wbo recoil at that sentiment–or, more appropriatly, the lack thereof–I’ll remind you of how he reacted to the deaths of those on the progressive end of the spectrum. I refuse to fein respect for those in death whom I didn’t respect in life.

    • nicole


  • muselet

    De mortuis nihil nisi bonum.

    My sympathies to his family.


  • Pamela Moore

    I agree totally, Bob. Nothing positive to say here.

  • villemar

    Brietbart was a true Eliminationist and as such I’m happy he is no longer able to destroy others.

  • OsborneInk


  • JMAshby

    One of the ugliest figures in American political discourse right up there with Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich in my opinion. And yeah, ACORN, Planned Parenthood, Sherrod, etc. He didn’t add anything to the world. He only took away.

    I’m sorry for his children but that’s as far as my empathy goes.

  • Razor

    While it’s not like I’m going to throw a parade or anything, I’m certainly not shedding any tears. Yes, he had a family, but that didn’t stop anyone on the left from calling him an evil lying fraudulent douchebag when he was alive, why would death change anything?

    “Mommy, why is everyone so mean to Daddy?”

    Because Daddy made his millions by hurting other people. Bernie Madoff has kids too and when he dies, that won’t change the fact that he was an awful human being that ruined hundreds of lives.

    The liberal sanctimony over this one is gag-inducing. Let’s not act like a man who made his living disrespecting others deserves our respect just because his heart could no longer stand being inside a toxic, hate-filled shell.

  • Bubble Genius

    The only shocking part of this occurrence is that he was allegedly 43. I thought he was older than me, in fact closer to 60. Cocaine’s a helluva drug.

    I’m afraid I can’t mourn his passing. If you’re a public figure, if you put yourself out there for public consumption, your public persona IS your persona. I don’t give a flying fuck what he was like at home, he could have been a cross between St. Francis and Richard Chamberlain in the Thorn Birds. He facilitated the spreading of lies to destroy other people’s lives, and wallowed in the infamy it provided him.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    • LK3

      I could not believe he was 43. I would have guessed much older. All that hate must age a body…(well, that and…)

    • Madam1

      “Cocain’s a powerful drug.”, Rick James who also dies of “natural causes”.

  • Buffalodavid

    I make a point of never praising the passing of anyone. My thoughts are now with his family. But I see this as no time to be forgiving.

  • Not Sayin

    CNN article says he was a husband and a father? This guy had a wife and kid(s)? For real?

    • Not Sayin

      Wife and 4 kids, apparently. He should have spent more time taking care of them, I’m thinking.

  • Not Sayin

    Wow. I’m so human. My initial reaction when I saw the tagline was “no way” and then “really?” and then “what a relief” and then “I call shenanigans”. I guess I’ll believe this guy is dead when I see them lowering his cold, lifeless body into the ground on Fox. Until then, I’m hedging my bets.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Thank you Bob, for posting that Think Progress link from 2009. I hope anyone – especially progressives over at sites like HuffPo – remember the total disrespect that character assasin Breitbart spewed out of his ass brain over the death of Ted Kennedy before they pay their respects for his life and legacy. That scumbag never showed his for people and organizations that didn’t share his political views and didn’t think twice to pull out any dirty tricks to crush them by any means necessary. ACORN, Shirley Sherrord, that creep had no shame whatsoever. I say good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • OsborneInk

    I demand to see his long-form death certificate.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    I don’t know what to say. Or what to think. Or how to feel about this.

    I mean, I can think of very few public/media figures for whom I had more contempt and loathing, who I just pure flat-out despised as much as Andrew Breitbart. He struck me as a petulant child and an all-around horrible human being; at least, in his public persona, which may or may not have been reflective of his true character as a person which of course I can never know.

    But all that said, naturally and obviously, one can never be happy about someone dying that young, and leaving a young family behind, no matter how much one hated that person’s politics or personality, no matter how much contempt one felt for that person’s despicable behavior and actions that viciously and intentionally harmed so many others. We may be tempted to call it karma or to say that this is his punishment for being such a grotesque individual, but I don’t feel comfortable going there.

    There’s going to be a lot of ugly things said about this on both sides over the next few days, which I suppose is inevitable given who, and what, Breitbart (again, at least the public Breitbart) was, what he did, and what he represented.

    Ultimately, I doubt Mr. Breitbart is worth all this contemplation on my part, at least not to me. I empathize with his family and loved ones, but I cannot grieve or mourn the loss of the character he played in public.

    • Not Sayin

      Very very well put. I agree with you.

    • MrDHalen

      This! Very well said Graf.

      I will not let myself be twisted by the actions of someone else. Best wishes for his wife and kids in their time of loss.

  • Ellen Kuhlmann

    All I could think of was that Satan tripped him on the path, in order to claim his soul, which he sold years ago.

  • Lunatics

    The only thing I can say towards this news is that no one should ever die so young in today’s age.

    Also, what the heck does “natural causes” mean? Does that mean he had a pre-existing heart condition? There is nothing “natural” about suddenly collapsing and dying at the age of 43.

    • IrishGrrrl

      Yeah that was my thought too…but there are some congenital heart conditions that they can’t or don’t catch in time.

    • Chachizel

      Kind of my thoughts too. While it’s always sad when someone so young passes prematurely, even if it was his own doing (drugs maybe?), but…the stuff this guy did….I can’t say that I’m gonna miss his actions

  • willpen

    Ammo for shooting back at all douchebag accusations of “cruel lefties”

  • willpen

    The crazies are already creeping out from under their rocks… God help us all…

    • Not Sayin

      Ho boy. Obama killed Breitbart. You know the guy never did anything but spew hate and lies. He wasn’t a threat to anyone, he was just incredibly dishonest and offensive to many. I read about 4 of those comments on the buzzfeed link and just shuddered.

    • bphoon

      Idiots–dipshits, mindless assholes, whatever–all.

  • Madam1

    Would these be the same “natural causes” that killed Rick James? Michael Jackson?Whitney Houston? I wonder what those same conservative people quoted will say if (when)the married man coming home at midnight is outed as a coke head. “Behave yourself”, the guy should have taken his own advice.

    • JackDaniel07

      both the cocoa plant and human fistfuls of its byproduct are all-natural

    • OsborneInk

      It doesn’t matter, because there’s no way I can be happy about this event. At all. I have been cheated of my vengeance.

  • Matt McDaniel

    Are we certain this is not just something he made up and the rest of the media started reporting without once checking to see if it was true?

    • Dan_in_DE

      My thoughts exactly — all four of the first comments here, in fact.

      In reverse order:

      1. Breitbart might really be the kind of nutcase to try to fake his death and start anew..

      2. Good riddance.

      3. Lulz.. the ironic fate of the sactimonious ass!

      4. Maybe I’ve been watching too much Dr House, but – I’m thinking that Breitbart’s performance at that occupy protest was symptomic of an underlying neural pathology.

      • OsborneInk

        1. Breitbart might really be the kind of nutcase to try to fake his death and start anew..


  • agrazingmoose

    I can’t think of anything nice to say.

  • burbank_burt

    God’s will… right?

  • TerranceGilmore

    I thought something was up when that video of him shouting and what not showed up last week.