Epic Fail

Good Advice From Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney's advice: vote for the other guy.

Isn't telling people to vote for your opponent the last thing you should ever do as a candidate?

Say anything other than "vote for my opponent."

By the way, it's abundantly clear that Mitt Romney simply doesn't understand that without services such as Planned Parenthood, many women will go without basic healthcare because there is nowhere else they can afford to go.

  • agrazingmoose

    One of my colleagues and I (in a b-school) were just talking about Romney and we decided that it boils down to this:

    He is trained as a consultant and this is what consultants do. The look at a problem, they come up with a solution based on minimal information, they take their fee, and the run like hell.

    They never, never look back to see if their advice yielded success. Never.

    That is why the consulting industry is collapsing. See any Economist article regarding this fact over the last year.

    Does it work for the Romney’s of the world? Yes. They get rich.

    Does it work for their clients? More and more so the answer is no.

    Does it make for a good presidential mentality? Absolutely not.

  • muselet

    “… [W]e’re going to have to demand sacrifice from the American people.”

    Translation: The riff-raff will just have to suffer.

    “Well, they can go wherever they’d like to go, this is a free society.”

    Translation: Damn those poor women demanding healthcare as if they were actual, real people who deserved it! And how dare this woman ask me such a question! Fetch me the scold’s bridle, someone!

    And all this comes from the supposed “moderate” candidate in the Republican race.

    Any woman who votes for an R is mad.


  • mrbrink

    It’s a fucking coward’s agenda. That is a coward up there, speaking not of justice for all, or the American dream. Mitt Romney is a down-punching coward willing to use his authority to drag people way from their government protections like a slave trader separating mother from child as a sacrifice to the invisible greed monster.

    Real tough guy. The French revolution would have loved Mitt Romney’s big fucking head, too.

    He is the clunky robot sales representative trying to close the deal for a new shipment of foreign made nails be driven into the steerage class doors of the ‘whites-only’ U.S. economy just for some extra fucking leg room on the national life boat.

    Fuck that guy. Fuck him with a non-lubricated Paul Ryan. In and out, in and out. Fuck him hard and fast. Drive that motherfucking Paul Ryan up his ass until he’s spitting up shoelaces.

    It would be a much better use of Democracy and justice would be served.

  • nellcote

    Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up…



  • rikyrah

    Alan Grayson said it best.

    the GOP healthcare plan.


    If you get sick.

    Die quickly.

  • http://phydeauxpseaks.blogspot.com Bob Rutledge

    He understands.

    He — and the rest of the Repellicans — just don’t care.

  • Spectricide

    His plan will be to push the service into the private sector for profits and onto the backs of our women.