Kasich Subtlely Walks-Back Tornado Victim Refusal

After two days of deservedly-harsh criticism of Ohio Governor John Kasich, some of which came from his own party members, for his refusal to accept federal disaster relief for the victims of Friday's tornado super-outbreak, he is now quietly reconsidering and opening the door to "additional resources."

U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt said she urged Kasich on Monday to change course after public officials in several hard-hit areas expressed an interest in immediate federal help.

She said the leaders of those communities don’t accept Kasich’s assertion that federal disaster assistance is not needed and that the state can handle cleanup efforts and emergency relief. [...]

Kasich said an assessment team from the Federal Emergency Management Agency will arrive soon to determine “what additional resources might be available to help people begin recovering.” [...]

More pressure on Kasich came early Monday when the village of Moscow sent out a call for help to Cincinnati and other communities because state resources were not sufficient to do the job.

Given that local mayors, council members, and representatives are expressing their need for additional resources, it's quite clear that Governor Kasich did not consult any of them before declaring the state did not need the federal government's help.

Describing the situation now as one wherein an "assessment team" will offer additional resources is a unique way of describing what would take place under normal disaster circumstances anyway.

This is a reversal, but he worded it in a way that allows him to save face with the government-hating crowd.

This was all politics for Kasich. No substance.

  • morningsky

    Sure they can handle it. They can’t even fund their own Department of Tourism properly!

  • muselet

    What does it say when Jean Schmidt, of all people, is the voice of reason?


    • mdblanche

      It says that it was her district that needs the federal aid.

  • OsborneInk

    There is no republic in the Republican Party anymore.

  • trgahan

    I am truly concerned for what shape the states will be in if this far right grandstanding continues. Progressives need to really focus on pulling local governments back to the middle

    • IrishGrrrl

      I think you’re right. Dems have been so focused on the Pres race that we’ve missed what was going on locally, and it will take much longer to effect change locally.

    • Miranda

      Some of the residents of these small towns are not bright enough to recognize what’s being done to them:

  • D_C_Wilson

    And Kasich screeching that Obama isn’t doing anything to help the tornado victims in 3 . . .2 . . . 1. . . .

  • Bob McIntosh

    (I’m embarrassed to admit I live in Ohio)

    • BuffaloBuckeye

      Bob, as a native Buckeye, you have my sympathy. Hopefully, your fellow Ohioans can turn this jackass out of office.

      O/T, but WTF is it with JMcCain wanting to bomb countries? You’d think that as someone who spent a considerable amount of time as a POW because he couldn’t keep his plane in the air would have a bit different perspective on this.

      • IrishGrrrl

        Buckeye, I know! Plus if you’re going to bomb someone, why TELL them it is coming. And finally, if civilians are dying now, wouldn’t bombing the crap out of their capital also result in more civilians being killed? I don’t think bombing the answer and McCain is, as usual, an idiot.