Paul Ryan is Totally Unserious

Paul Krugman asks:

So actually two questions: are people finally willing to concede that Ryan is not now and has never been remotely serious? And — I know this is probably far too much to ask — are they going to do a bit of soul-searching over how they got snookered by this obvious charlatan?

The establishment will always consider Paul Ryan to be serious because they don't think he's a Republican fire-eater. The fact that his policy proposals are silly and lopsided doesn't really matter to the DC establishment and press. But here's the thing: he's one of the flamethrowers, too. Off the top of my head, I distinctly remember him appearing on the Glenn Beck radio show and telling the morning zoo disc jockey that he loves him while agreeing that "progressivism is a cancer." It doesn't get any zanier than that.

  • muselet

    Kevin Drum is fed up with Paul Ryan and is pretty blunt in saying so:

    I’m so tired of Paul Ryan I could scream. Every year we get a slightly different version of the same old thing, and every year we have to waste entire man-years of analysis in order to make the same exact points about it. And the biggest point is that his budget would force enormous, swinging cuts in virtually every domestic program, especially those for the poor. If this bothers Ryan, he’s had plenty of time to revise his budget roadmap to address it.


  • mrspeel2

    How did he ever manage to be appointed Chair of the Finance Committee in the first place? Oh I forgot! The Republicans in the House kinda think they know everything about everything so they appointed someone who apparently doesn’t know a darn thing about how to draw up a REAL budget. Then, they all turn around and praise the hell out of their decision.

    Yep, the majority rules, and aren’t we all impressed with the bang-up job they’re doing?

  • freakishlystrong

    Dear Mr. Munster, while assholes like Foster Friess and Sheldon Adleson can donate millions to the likes of Rick Santorum and Newt fucking Gingrich; the poor and the middle class should not be asked to contribute one thin dime towards “shared sacrifice”.

  • Zen Diesel

    Somewhere in the universe the aliens must be laughing their asses off at us.

  • Razor

    “It doesn’t get any zanier than that.”

    We’re using Etch-a-Sketches as props in a pivotal presidential election… never doubt the absurdity of this stupid country.

  • Draxiar

    Yesterday on DXM Chez stated:

    “Our culture may now be past the point where parody is necessary because so much of the ostensibly serious stuff that we see, hear and read on a daily basis feels like parody”

    I think the above staement perfectly defines Paul Ryan’s plan and punctuates what Krugman (and I dare say what a few Republicans are probably thinking) is trying to point out.