Picking Winners and Losers

Among the four Democratic senators who voted with the GOP to extend Big Oil subsidies and against a renewal of clean energy subsidies, which may result in as many as 37,000 job losses, was Senator Jim Webb (D-VA).

According to Webb, the government should not be picking winners and losers, which is exactly why he voted to pick Big Oil as a winner. Or something.

Webb explained that he voted to increase Big Oil’s record profits on rising gasoline costs because he opposes government investment in clean energy technology. “My vote today was based largely on concerns over extending tax credits for a number of renewable technologies,” Webb said. “Government should avoid picking winners and losers, and should allow the marketplace to work.”

If you truly believe in and adhere to the "free market," it makes sense to vote against all subsidies, but what doesn't make sense is voting to subsidize one industry and not the other.

Jim Webb picked a winner, and then declared we shouldn't pick a winner.

  • jmby

    Regardless of the “D” behind his name, Webb has always been more of a Republican in the Senate. Can’t wait to have him out of office and vote Tim Kaine in. No loss when this pompous jackass is gone.

    • Brutlyhonest

      I wish I had your confidence in Kaine (and the voters of VA).

  • incredulous72

    I never did like that dude.

    Anyone want to take a gander at who he’ll be lobbying for when he leaves office at the end of this year?

  • Run2Live

    Senator Jim Webb (R-VA)???

    Better change that “R” back to a “D” lest you be confused with FoxNews.

    • JMAshby

      Freudian slip!

  • Brutlyhonest

    Webb’s statement needs some context. Specifically, there was more to the vote than just ending the oil company subsidies: “legislation that would end $24 billion in tax breaks for the big five oil companies and extend industry-sustaining tax credits for wind power”.

    He’s still an asshat for voting against it (as are the other three), but his statement at least makes some sense with the added info.

    As a double-extra dickhead bonus, he handed george allen a stick to hit tim kaine with as they compete for the seat webb is vacating.

    • JMAshby

      I provided the context.

      extend Big Oil subsidies and against a renewal of clean energy subsidies

      That’s exactly what he did. He voted against ending breaks for Big Oil, and against renewing breaks for Renewables.

      That’s why this is so ass-backwards.

      • Brutlyhonest

        When did you add that? Seriously, apologies for missing it.

        Regardless, he’s an asshat!

        • JMAshby

          I didn’t add it, it was there from the start! haha