Quote of the Morning

"Already, there is too much loose talk of war. Over the last few weeks, such talk has only benefited the Iranian government, by driving up the price of oil, which they depend on to fund their nuclear program. For the sake of Israel’s security, America’s security, and the peace and security of the world, now is not the time for bluster; now is the time to let our increased pressure sink in, and to sustain the broad international coalition we have built. Now is the time to heed that timeless advice from Teddy Roosevelt: speak softly, carry a big stick. And as we do, rest assured that the Iranian government will know our resolve — that our coordination with Israel will continue." President Obama

We have a very smart, very sensible president. And thank goodness.

  • D_C_Wilson

    “We have a very smart, very sensible president.”

    And that is why the GOP must destroy him, even if they burn the whole country down to do it.

  • trgahan

    When is this Iranian fetishism in DC going to end? Heck, with Putin back in power in Russia, are they going to become “bad guys” again like in the second George W. term?

  • Michael Norris

    This from the guy who saw an opportunity to eliminate enemy number 1 Osama Bin Laden and he seized the moment. There are too many people who do not realize he staked his entire presidency on that one decision. Now every time an al quaeda guy sticks his head out of a cave somewhere, he gets killed. Anyone that tries to make the case that Obama is weak (Romney) or lacks resolve (santorum), is just plain full of crap. I say the presidnet gets reelected for killing Osama Bin Laden alone.

    Like the economy, or the auto bailout, or job creation, foreign policy is an issue the republicans better stay away from. My advice to republicans, stick with Rush and keep talking about important shit like contraception and insulting women. So far that is working out great.

  • IrishGrrrl

    It goes to show you just how far the Republicans are willing to go in order to make Pres. Obama fail. They are essentially empowering Iran–our enemy!

  • Brutlyhonest

    Heehee: bluster.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Expect the right to try and hammer Obama as being weak on foreign policy.

  • muselet

    Thank goodness indeed. I shudder to think what a President McCain (or a President Romney or a President Santorum or a President Gingrich) would tell AIPAC regarding Iran, let alone what they would actually do.