Epic Fail

The Important Issues

The Tennessee House of Representatives is tackling the tough decisions of our time, and by that I mean whether or not Peyton Manning will join the Tennessee Titans.

Hopefully you weren't expecting a discussion of student debt, jobs, healthcare, or the environment.

CHATTANOOGA - (WRCB/AP) – Lawmakers in Tennessee are voicing their support for the possibility of Peyton Manning becoming a Tennessee Titan.

Thursday morning State Representative Jeremy Faison (R-Cosby) introduced House Joint Resolution 785, a bill supporting the Tennessee Titans recruiting the four-time NFL MVP.

The bill states "we know that Peyton is still proud to be a Volunteer and longs in his heart to return to Tennessee as the quarterback for the Titans, a match truly made in Heaven." [...]

The legislature aren't the only lawmakers trying to help with the recruiting process. Titans owner Bud Adams told NBC Nashville Wednesday that Governor Bill Haslam called Manning during his seven hour visit with the team.

I suppose in some sense recruiting Peyton Manning could be viewed as a campaign for economic stimulus, at least for the Nashville area.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Yeah, they need to focus on something really important, like what we did here in Pennsylvania: Declare 2012 the “Year of the Bible”.

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  • mrbrink

    Sure. Republican economics would call it stimulative, but as is generally the case with republican economics(bubbles, trickle down, scandal, waste and fraud)it’s purely temporary, or aesthetic economics because the way these things play out, his salary would probably be paid for by a 1% sales tax increase, or off-setting cuts to education, social services, and the arts that will flow back into new stadium construction, tax breaks, land breaks, or political favors for those really good slave-trading seats in the gated community boxes– anything and everything– just so the owners don’t actually have to take a risk, and still reap all the rewards.

    It’s always amazing to me that sports team owners, many of them right wing conservatives who inherited their wealth, can look themselves in the mirror and see “free-market capitalist.