They Aren’t Hiding It

If you didn't know better you may think this is a parody, but unfortunately it isn't.

Via ThinkProgress, have a look at South Carolina's new Lieutenant Governor Glenn McConnell.

The Republican lawmaker is perhaps best known for his unapologetic embrace of the Confederacy, grabbing national headlines in 2010 when he appeared in photos dressed as a confederate general — posing with two people presumably imitating slaves.

McConnell is a member Sons of Confederate Veterans, Secession Camp #4, as he proudly lists on his official bio. He also owns a store that sells confederate memorabilia.

The previous Lieutenant Governor, Ken Ard, resigned after it was discovered he was using taxpayer money to buy tickets to football games, iPads, and a Playstation 3.

You know, actual wasteful spending. Not the kind you put on a bumper-sticker.

  • eveingeorgia


    My take, as I posted on ThinkProgress:

    Being an African-American, former South Carolinian, and verifiable descendant of slaves, I could slap these ‘slaves’ grins off their faces. I would gladly play a slave in a respectable reenactment of black history, but in this setting? There is not enough money In. The. World.

    • IrishGrrrl

      Sad to say, but there is always someone willing to betray their race, their gender, hell even their own family, for money. I am a white southerner, verifiably descended from poor redneck farmers and, ashamedly, a slave owning plantation family in South Carolina and my first thought when seeing this picture was ‘wtf were those black guys thinking?!”. Second was… “look at that idjit with the sh*t eatin grin in the middle..all yellow and nasty looking.”

  • stacib23

    It the two fuckers standing on either side of him that I want to choke. Jeez.

    • incredulous72

      That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking.

      My family is from South Carolina, so I’m well aware of the level of ignorance that permeates that state (it’s a beautiful state though) but I mean REALLY?! These dudes actually participated in this foolishness.

      I’m all the way lost for probable excuses.

    • Ryan Carson

      Yep; I was thinking along these lines. However, I would like to hear from them first. I would love to believe that two proud African-Americans would have the stones to tell the Lt. Gov. to go fuck himself when they received an invite to such a party, but I don’t know the whole situation.

  • JackDaniel07

    One of the worst parts of pictures like this is that the asshole Republican ALWAYS manages to make Civil War soldiers look like pasty fluffy pussies

    • IrishGrrrl

      Lol and not only that, makes their dental hygiene look atrocious…take a gander at those yellow stubs that seem to be posing for teeth.

  • mdblanche

    Is it just me, or does South Carolina seem to have a problem with Lieutenant Governors? Didn’t everyone want the Appalachian trail guy to stay on because the Lieutenant Governor was even worse?

  • nicole

    christ. these people are despicable. When the hell will it ever end?!

  • muselet

    They’ve never bothered to hide it. What’s different now is that they’re flaunting it.


    • D_C_Wilson

      Remember when “welfare queen” was considered their harshest code word?