War On Women

What’s Wrong With Arizona?

Arizona really has a problem with women.

To recap: Arizona senate committees have approved bills to allow doctors to withhold information from pregnant women if they suspect it will lead to an abortion, to allow employers to demand proof that your contraception is for non-reproductive purposes, and now a bill to cut state funding from family planning services entirely.

Earlier this week, an Arizona Senate panel approved HB 2800 on a party-line vote. The Arizona Senate Committee on Healthcare and Medical Liability Reform’s move came on the heels of support from the Arizona House, which approved the legislation earlier this month.

If HB 2800 is indeed passed by the full Senate, Gov. Jan Brewer (R) is expected to sign the legislation into law, stripping state funding from any group such as Planned Parenthood that performs abortions.

If HB2800 is signed into law, Arizona will also lose Medicaid matching funds for family planning services in the same manner as Texas.

And maybe that's the idea. What other conclusion is there?

Living in a red state could be considered hazardous to your health if you're a woman. No joke.

  • mrbrink

    If it feels like your healthcare is getting all rapey-feely, it’s gotta be that Obamacare. Ever since that Obamacare came along and took away our white culture and heritage, you can’t hardly tell the difference between spiteful vaginal probes on the state level and Obamacare’s death panels and government takeover of freedom he jammed down our virgin throats at the big government level.

    “Obamacare did this to you!”

    And if it doesn’t feel like an American recovery recovering fast enough for your acquired taste in fine economic recoveries, your feelings are true to your gut, friend. Because this recovery is a radical anti-American. The job creators and states’ rights are under constant attack like over-regulated plantation slaves of the day trying to escape the niggardly economic policies of this white-hating president. Probably can’t say “niggardly” anymore in Obama’s America, either.

    And it feels like George W. Bush really got Bin Laden, doesn’t it? Because it couldn’t have been Osama/Obama. Honest accident. I meant Obama/Osama. Because Obama is just like that total loser, Jimmy Carter(ha-ha! you loser! Such a loser. Look at you, ya loser. Reagan destroyed you because you’re such a loser, and loser’s will always lose to winners, loser!), and Reagan saved America from Jimmy Carter who held Iranian hostages and appeased the Berlin wall because he hated America, so. The end. Christian Nation! Die, Liberal scum! Die! Die! Die! Like Jesus says.

    Pulling out of Iraq felt like George W. Bush’s idea, too, didn’t it? Sure it did.

    It’s all about feelings, man. Like who would you rather hate a queer with? Mitt Romney will do just fine. Because it’s like Barack Obama can’t do anything to restore the glory of the Confederacy.

    Just rub some dumb white guy on the economy and all your delusions will come true.