Election 2012

Chart of the Day

No one is donating to Mitt Romney.

(via TPM)

The unitemized donations are donations made by people like you and I who typically give anywhere from 5 to 25 dollars at a time, and they only account for roughly 13 percent of Romney's haul.

The Obama campaign had $102 million on hand at the end of March. The Romney campaign had $10 million.

One reason, among many, for the discrepancy in total cash on-hand is the amount of money that is being poured into Karl Rove's Crossroad PAC.

  • mrbrink

    Romney’s campaign is a top down pile of money and nothing. There’s no grassroots activism, it’s all about ad buys, ad buys, ad buys. Citizen’s United was decided to make power more easily attainable for lazy, unlikable millionaire idiots like Mitt Romney.

    Max Headroom for president?