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This kind of devisiveness, this attack of success, is very different than what we’ve seen in our country’s history. We’ve always encouraged young people: Take a shot, go for it, take a risk, get the education, borrow money if you have to from your parents, start a business. -Mitt Romney at Otterbein University

Yes, we know that worked out very well for Mitt, but for virtually every other American who wasn't born into the 1 percent, starting a business when you're already tens of thousands of dollars in debt and can't find a job isn't exactly an option.

And not everyone's parents has a trust fund to hand them.

"We added up our assets and there were no assets." -President Obama

  • ebaker6375

    Can I just ask, do we now in America define success purely in terms of how many millions you make?? Because there are a whole lot of Americans out there that will never make one million in a year but without knowing exactly what Romney did or how he made his money, we’re all supposed to lay down before him and call him a success?? I call my teacher friends who touch lives but will never make a million dollars a year successes but I guess now in America they are just losers. THIS needs to be the democratic response to this total and utter bullshit the republicans are swinging.

    • ebaker6375

      or to quote my FB status: Measuring success by how much money someone makes is like judging how much your parents love you by counting Christmas presents.

      • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

        Excellent point…not everyone can be in the 1% of earners…..nor would they want to be. My definition of success is to be able to spook myself in the mirror and say that I did my best to do the right thing at end of every day.

  • muselet

    I’ve discovered I’m no longer shocked or even surprised by Mitt Romney’s outbursts of cluelessness. This disturbs me.

    It’s almost as if the campaign is deliberately trying to desensitize the public to the absurdity of its candidate lecturing us on self-sufficiency and personal sacrifice.


    • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

      Uncomfortably numb? I can relate :). I think you are right about the absurd statements. It’s right out of the Rove/Fox News playbook…if you repeat a lie loud enough and enough times it will either become the truth or become so commonplace as to not draw attention to it. The dumbing down and desensitization of the electorate by the GOP’s propaganda machine has been going on far too long.

    • JackDaniel07

      Isnt one definition of infinity something like – try to travel from PointA to PointB by only crossing half the distance at a time?

      Thats what I think of as this utter bullshit piles up. Mitt, all of em, they have to not only top yesterday’s verbal diarrhea, they have to cover it up with fresh wordturds so nobody has time to analyze (anal-yze, get it?) yesterday’s caca. Too busy getting outraged and wading through today’s.

      So back to the infinity analogy, the president warned the GOP that they were essentially painting themselves into a corner by playing Opposite Day Politics with him. So each gaffe, lie, and accidental half-truth, to me, is just another brushstroke. I just hope the brush is wide and the walls are gettin close, I don’t have infinity to wait…

  • http://twitter.com/bubblegenius Bubble Genius

    In my case, and I’m sure in the case of many others, what money, and what parents?

    • Treading_Water

      Can’t you just borrow against your trust fund? Aren’t banks and corporations lining up to extend you lines of credit and loans, knowing about that cool 10 million you have stashed in the Cayman’s?

    • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

      Tell me about it! My parents are in their late 70’s and are barely getting by. They have nothing o give anyone and they worked their asses off from the time they were 17 up into their 70’s, and only stopped when they were forced to retire. mMittens and his I’ll just do NOT get it and they never will.

  • D_C_Wilson