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Far-right Lies Versus Reality

Ashby posted about this poll yesterday. Here's the corresponding chart.

Of course this is irrelevant. The far-right will continue to play the victim and bitch about the press and how it's "in the tank for Obama." And people will believe them. The lie is on AM talk radio -- thousands of stations -- around the clock. The lie is on Fox News Channel, even though it's the most popular TV news outfit in America. The lie is reality for most of America.

  • joseph2004

    So perhaps the truth is that…
    Obama is in trouble. If he doesn’t even have the mainstream media on his side this go-around, good luck O.

    Of course the media has never been an ideal indicator of public sentiment. It chatters about this candidate and the next, picking them apart, comes to a consensus within its little bubble, then POW! the American people pull the “unexpected” and turn over the apple cart.

    I do think Obama is in trouble, mostly because over the last three years he has pushed a number of policy items that the majority of Americans have not agreed with. Among the most obvious: Arizona denigration, the Healthcare Law, Dodd/Frank, bowing to the Saudi King. But all the while, you hear from him and his administration that the same things most Americans don’t care for are the same things he and the Democrats trumpet as achievements. Whether one agrees or not with his policy “victories,” when you hack off more Americans than you please in the process, you need to prepare for a possible shellacking, or at the very least one tough fight for re-election.

    • nicole

      As per usual, Joseph, you are full of shit. And, you evidently don’t spend any time looking at polls.

      • mrbrink

        Yeah, no kidding, Nicole. The GOP is waging open race and class war against the great majority of Americans. There’s a war on women. A war on unions. A war on the elderly and the poor. A war on the vote. Muslims. Mexicans. Gays in and out of the military. A war on our economy. A war on truth.

        For these degenerate mental-defectives, it’s not enough that the president steered the economy out of inherited catastrophe and stepped in to defend the American auto manufacturing sector, despite unprecedented right wing hate-mongering and senseless obstruction. He cut taxes, took out Bin Laden, repealed DADT, got us out of Iraq like he said he would do. He’s promoting more women and minorities than any president before him. It takes a special breed of dumb ass to believe that it is the president who should be worried about his relationship with America when his opponent is a tone deaf lying scammer-capitalist running on a platform of eliminating the safety net to cut his own taxes even further.

        That all president Obama’s policy successes, economic and social advancements mean nothing to the same loud mouth torture-fetishists who lined up to suppress the vote for George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, twice, who then had the audacity, after all the senseless damage that had been done(still reverberating), to insist that a carnival clown like Sarah Palin and a bitter sarcastic crank like John McCain were better qualified to lead America through the dark days of a lost decade is just another chapter in the Republican Party’s fractured fairy tale.

        Their judgement is based on hate and bat shit crazy policies of division and Mitt Romney barely got through the most laughable republican primary line up in modern times.

        It is the over-reaching GOP who are worried about being defeated by the undisputed grass roots champion of modern politics. Anyone who says otherwise is selling damaged goods.

  • i_a_c

    I remember a similar Pew study a while back, with the Republican candidates, even Gingrich, receiving far more positive coverage than the president. For reasonable people, this should put an end to the liberal media myth, not that it actually needed any more debunking.

    As long as the rightwing Republicans keep lying, and as long as the braindead complicit media are still asleep at the wheel complaining that “both sides” are guilty of the same sins, this won’t resolve itself anytime soon. After the Very Liberal MSNBC hailed Paul Ryan’s CouponCare plan as serious, I lost what little hope I had.