It's Tax Day and You Know What That Means

The conservative freakout over the president's tax return has begun. Drudge and the National Journal are screeching over the president NOT qualifying for the Buffett Rule because he only made around $800,000 last year.

Yeah? So?

He didn't earn more than a million dollars last year. So?

Meanwhile, how did you do this year? The president paid a 20 percent effective tax rate on $800,000. How about you? Did you get a refund? Did you pay more? Have you ever been audited? Let fly!

  • lib4

    Yeah tell Drudge to wake me when the Romney taxes are finally released…for now he and the entire RW can STFU about the Presidents Taxes

  • JMAshby

    If it’s tax day, you know what that means — it means Mitt Romney is getting a 6 month extension on filing his taxes!

  • mattpd

    my own, 21%, my retired father 15%, my sister (RN) 19%.

    What do my father and mitt have in common? They both get their income primarily from investments. What don’t they have in common? Assuming that Mitt makes 20 million a year (low estimate, I think). He will make over 50 grand each day… so he will make more in a few hours than my father will make in a year. Doesn’t matter to him though…he’s a mitt guy. uggghhh!

  • sherifffruitfly

    um….. So they want Obama to LOWER the threshhold, so that the rule applies to MORE people – just so long as Obama himself is caught in it?

    That’s like the stupidest thing (from their own perspective) that I’ve ever heard.

    • D_C_Wilson

      Doesn’t matter. What matters is that Obama is wrong. If he’d paid a higher rate, they’d cite that as proof that taxes are too high.