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Low-Effort Thinking Leads to Conservatism

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There’s a new study out this week indicating that “low effort” thinking contributes to conservatism. In other words, kneejerk reactions to issue-oriented questions are more often conservative, while thoughtful deliberation is more liberal.

In a press release about the study, University of Arkansas psychologist Dr. Scott Eidelman said, “People endorse conservative ideology more when they have to give a first or fast response.” According to The Huffington Post, part of the study involved quizzing various bar patrons about political topics, and, predictably, the higher the blood alcohol, the more conservative the response to the topic. In other words, impaired and uninhibited snap reactions were conservative. Less impaired and more restrained reactions were liberal.

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  • Dan_in_DE

    A corrolary study from 2006 demonstrated that while drinking and driving is less dangerous than talking on a cellphone while driving (cellphones decreased reaction times even more), people under the influence of alcohol tended to drive like total dicks – tailgating the cars in front of them and so forth.

    Republicans: the party of drunken assholes.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Ironically, the right has vastly more think tanks than liberals do. They put tons of money and effort into thinking of ways to promote low-effort thinking.

    • IrishGrrrl

      Oh how the irony burns…..

    • Draxiar

      Heh…the Scarecrow Party…

      “If I only had a brain…”

  • gescove

    I hope this doesn’t mean I have to stop drinking. When we usher in the Obama-Soros socialist state, we’ll recalibrate all Breathalyzers. Anyone who blows a blood alcohol level of Sean Hannity or higher will be immediately sent to the re-education camps.

  • Jimmy Abraham

    NOt surprising when you try to bring fact and evidence based solutions into any debate one is shot down as a snobby college grad, book learning type…