Sarah Palin

Palin Versus Ailes! Fight!

Roger Ailes:

"Sarah Palin had no chance to be president."

Palin's response:

"I wonder if he is aware that the same thing was said about me when I ran for city council, mayor, and eventually governor." She added, "No doubt many people who are told they can’t do something will work that much harder, and they succeed."

You know what? I think Palin is mostly right about this -- she would've had a chance if she had done the serious prep work and not gone off on a grifting celebutard tangent.

Americans elected George W. Bush -- twice! There's absolutely a chance they would've elected Palin. And that's really effing scary.

  • agrazingmoose

    Nah, Ailes is right. The fact that Palin didn’t run shows that he is right.

  • peacepax

    Sarah Palin is a fraud and a criminal.

    On March 4, 2008, John McCain won the GOP primary.

    James Dobson (Focus on the Family) had announced on national television

    that he would not, could not, vote for McCain b/c of McCain’s stance on


    So, March 5, 2008, Sarah Palin, (flat as a pan cake) announces to the Alaska

    legislature that she is 7 months pregnant.

    You’d think that the news media would have plenty to talk about the day

    after the nomination is finally secured, but, on March 5, old reliable Fox

    news took time out of their busy schedule to actually show a video of this 44

    year old woman that no body had ever heard of who just announced she

    was pregnant.

    Are you listening James Dobson??

    It only took Sarah Palin 43 days to produce a six pounder. Im sure a larger

    model would take a bit longer, but she didn’t really like wearing those

    scarves, couch cushions , and extra padding much longer than 43 days.

    In fact, we learned via the email obtained from the FOIA that Sarah Palin

    had started emailing rough drafts of the birth announcement of her (yet to

    be born) child to her staff for editing 30 days after she announced she was

    pregnant. She had to make sure she worded the birth announcement very


    She already knew only 30 days after she announced she was pregnant that

    the ‘baby’ would be premature and arrive early. (I guess with pillows, you

    can plan the day you want to stop using them.)

    The main reason Sarah Palin started writing rough drafts of the birth

    announcement only 30 days after she announced she was pregnant was

    because she knew this was her ticket to the White House.

    Hey James Dobson, look at me. Im an older woman, and even though I knew

    the fetus had DS, I didn’t get an abortion.

    Another interesting aspect of the birth announcement is that Sarah Palin

    doesn’t actually say she gave birth to Trig. She says he was delivered.

    (How many birth announcements have you sent, or received that say our

    baby was ‘delivered’?) Birth certificates usually say the baby was born.

    We really have no idea when the child known as Trig was born, or who gave

    birth. (Although from the day Sarah made the announcement that she was

    pregnant, Alaskans were pretty sure it was Bristol’s child.)

    I bet his birth mom cringed every time she saw Sarah treat him like a sack of

    flour, and drag him out in the cold of night with no pants, coat,shoes, or

    socks. I know I cried, and Im not his mom.

  • ranger11

    W actually wasn’t a bad candidate. It was practically the only thing he did well. He viewed it as a sports competition and treated it like that. Palin doesn’t have the discipline to run a long campaign and her negatives appeared pretty quickly whereas with W it took a while for the majority of the country to figure him out. She really should have taken a break to rehabilitate her image but she just can’t help herself.

  • Michael Norris

    A pissing contest between Sarah Palin and Roger Ailes. Anyone want to place bets on who wins this one?

  • D_C_Wilson

    Sarah Palin has no desire to be president. She’d never take the pay cut since she’s all about the Benjamins. Plus, it’s actual work. Unfortunately, her “career” as a professional tweeter is based on holding out the possibility that one day, she’ll triumphantly ride her snow machine into Washington and save Real Americans (TM) from the pinko commie socialists. So she has to keep up the pretense that she might run someday.

  • Oscar Jimison

    That quote from Palin’s interview; there’s no way she gave such a clear, coherent response. Compare it to the scatter brained jibberish that usually makes up her statements on the simplest subjects. Someone at constructed that response for her after the fact.

  • Nefercat

    ““I wonder if he is aware that the same thing was said about me when I ran for city council, mayor, and eventually governor.”

    Whoopdido, twatwaffle. You won the city council seat by 211 votes, the mayoral seat by 220 votes (my high school prom queen was decided by a bigger margin), and the governorship by 17,459 votes out of a big fat 238,307 total votes cast.

    Because you can’t keep your imbecilic nasty mean girl piehole shut, millions and millions of people have had an opportunity to form a negative opinion of you. Ailes is right. You. had/have. no. chance. to. be. president. You don’t get automatic wall to wall media coverage any more and when you do, it is usually the point and laugh variety. Your star is fading and it’s your own fault because you’re lazy, stupid and a quitter.

    And dumbass? Your silly infomercial leaves out your many actual, recorded defeats (let’s not leave out 2008!).

    • Michael Norris

      Wow. I wish I had written that. Well said…

  • peacepax

    Palin has no chance to be president.

    Remember how she lied and said she built a trans Canadian pipeline?
    Its true, she gave $500 million dollars to Canada to research and see if it was even feasible to build such a monstrosity. Nope-not feasible, just like everybody kept telling her before hand. So, there is no pipe line. It was impossible from the beginning. What is that you ask? What happened to the money. Oh, Canada gets to keep that. It wasn’t Sarah’s money, it was Alaska’s money, so what does she care. I think pink hand cuffs would look good on the thieving liar.

    I don’t care how many Palin worshipers sing her praises about a pipe line, Sarah did not build a pipe line. It does not exist. Never has. Never will.

  • emaleroland

    You girls live in your own little world.

  • peacepax

    But, but, but, what about Sarah Palin putting Gabby Giffords in the cross hairs of a rifle scope, and giving the order: Reload. Someone did reload, and there was a bloody massacre in Tucson. Sounds like Palin premeditated that murder to me. Or, at a minimum, it was murder for hire. Something! But what did sicko Palin do. She stood in front of that dam fireplace and mumbles something about being a victim. I guess Sarah is still waiting for that phone call from Christina Green’s mother apologizing for her daughter causing Sarah such grief.

  • steven boivin

    Umm, GWB was more or less appointed by the SCOTUS the first time and the Ohio elections fraud by then SoS Blackwell in 2004 gave him that one. Call me crazy but arguably Americans never did elect him President twice. (sorry to go off but I will never forget those crooked election machines either)