Nuclear Weapons

Price Is Right Fail Horn

North Korea really tried to make the world piss itself in fear yesterday, but their stupid missile test was a phenomenal blunder.

PYONGYANG, North Korea — North Korea's much-anticipated rocket launch ended quickly in failure early Friday, splintering into pieces over the Yellow Sea soon after takeoff.

North Korea acknowledged in an announcement broadcast on state TV that a satellite launched hours earlier from the west coast failed to enter into orbit. The U.S. and South Korea also declared the launch a failure.

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  • D_C_Wilson

    His father would be proud.

  • muselet

    And as a result of North Korea’s spectacular own goal, the US has suspended food aid to the country.


    • Not Sayin

      That part I don’t agree with at all,

  • JackDaniel07

    So….we EMP’d it right?

  • Not Sayin

    The price is WRONG, bitch! Sorry. I couldn’t resist. That cracks me up.

  • prcleburne

    Most rockets have three stages. North Korean rockets have three stooges.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    It ‘d be funny if it wern’t so… so… Oh who am I kidding? It’s funny!

  • Doran

    The upcoming nuke test will be interesting. Kim Jong Un has a lot at stake and somehow I don’t think they’ll be getting any more warm and fuzzy in the coming weeks.