Lying Liars

Say Anything

Two weeks ago the Romney campaign released a statement to the National Journal calling on President Obama to "release notes and transcripts from his meetings with world leaders to prove that he is not promising world leaders to change his position after November."

Shockingly, I jest, Romney completely contradicted himself during an interview with Mike Huckabee this week.

Romney said in an interview with the conservative commentator Mike Huckabee that as president, he would want to show the world that with Israel, there’s “not a dime’s worth of difference between us, at least in public.”

Then he added, “and if we have some private disagreements, then we keep them private.”

“I think the president’s failure to do that with Israel has emboldened the Palestinians,” Romney said.

The president has failed because he has done exactly what Romney says he would do. Agree in public, and disagree in private.

Say anything.

By the way, does the "he's emboldening the enemy" line even work on anyone anymore? I'm fairly certain George Bush and John McCain exhausted its usefulness for several decades.

  • mdblanche

    Not a dime’s worth of difference between us? The last time I heard Romney use those words was ten years ago when he was claiming to be as pro-choice as his opponent! If I were an Israeli, I’d be feeling very suspicious of Romney about now.

  • ArrogantDemon

    Not even $1 Billion dollars can prop up this tool, he cant keep a damn lie straight for a damn day

    If you suck at lying, you cant be president, thats the deal