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The Biggest Lie in American Politics

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Social Security does not “run dry” in 2033. It doesn’t. “Run dry” and “insolvency” mean dead. Out of money. Nothing left. The trustees, in fact, reported that Social Security will run a surplus until 2033. 21 years. I can’t emphasize this enough. Two decades! Can you imagine if any program in the federal government was projected to run a surplus for even half of that time? Budget hawks would crap their cages demanding immediate action to give back the taxpayers’ money by slashing the program to the line.

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  • nicole

    We can thank the Koch brothers for the bankrupt lie. The bastards funded position papers specifically titled “social security will go bankrupt”, the think tanks gave them what they paid for, and thus it began.

    (learned in Robert Greenwald’s film “Koch Bros. Exposed”)