Those Aren’t Real Jobs Anyway

During his speech at Otterbein College yesterday, Mitt Romney decided to attack the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (the stimulus) not because it saved or created jobs, but because it saved or created the wrong jobs. Government jobs. Because those aren't real jobs. Or something.

Then there was the stimulus itself. $787 billion of borrowing. It could have been entirely focused on getting getting the private sector to buy capital equipment, for instance. That puts people to work. Or to hire people. Instead, it primary protected people in the governmental sector, which is probably the sector that should have been shrinking.

He's right about one thing. It did primarily protect people in the public sector. Over a million of them to be more specific. And I would like to thank Mister Romney for admitting that it saved jobs even if he thinks it was the wrong jobs.

Is Romney arguing that we should have let over a million people lose their jobs all because of some deranged ideology that says a job is a job unless its a government job then it's not a job?

Employment is good for the economy, no matter who is doing the employing. Public or private. And tossing over a million public workers off the rolls would be just as big of a shock, if not bigger, than tossing a million private workers off the rolls. Because public employees have loans, mortgages, and children too.

Adding... the government has been shrinking. States are still laying off workers. Mitt Romney thinks this is a good thing.

  • eljefejeff

    who cares what he says? he’s an asshole and the voters will see right through it just like with mccain

    • Tessa

      I hope you’re right but we all need to work really hard to make sure President Obama is re-elected. My state is safely blue (CA) so i’ve been working with OFA and calling into battleground states on the weekends. Hoping to take some time off in October and go to Nevada or Colorado for “boots on the ground”. It’s going to be a long 6 months but this is the most important election in my life . We can’t leave anything to chance.

      • villemar

        “the most important election in my life ”

        Amen Sister.

  • villemar

    What’s an Otterbein?

    • Bubble Genius

      That’s gotta be a cousin to the What’s a Henway joke.

    • drsquid

      An otter with its body parts sold off for a fee.

    • Alan Fors

      I Otterbein show business.

  • Phil

    Yesterday right wing commentators did a happy dance because GDP growth dropped from 3.0% to 2.2% and they thought it was great news that “this proves Obama policies are failing”. One of the primary reasons for the drop? Decrease in government spending brought on by who else, but the GOP.

  • Broadway Carl

    Just another example of being out of touch. The man has absolutely no clue about how the average American lives day to day. I suppose if we lose our jobs we could just live off our assets handed to us by our parents until another job comes along, like he did.

  • Doran

    The political conversation about public sector jobs needs to stop being about unions and start being about, well, jobs.