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Another Infuriating Politifact Blunder

Politifact reported that the Obama administration was "screening unborn babies as part of its security process" and reported that it was "mostly false." Mostly??

  • muselet

    PolitiFact is a waste of bandwidth.


  • mrbrink

    A “Mostly False” is as good as a “Somewhat True” to people who are functionally insane, and that’s before grading on the famous Liberal Media bias curve.

    “Mostly False”= Not enough reasonable doubt to the swing-voting layman, whose in-boxes these dumbass emails end up in, and just enough “truth” to make it into a multi-million dollar attack ad. It’s not huge, but it’s just enough to be a sinister eyebrow in the character composite sketch.

    Who watches the watchers and who fact checks the fact checkers?

  • jimtowndem

    what happened to the list of latest pages that used to be on the right so i could jump back and forth to articles.

  • danah gaz

    sort of – as is the new site layout. In chrome all the images are overlaid. If you hit refresh after loading the first time, it seems to work. The comment system seems to intermittently eat comments

  • danah gaz

    comments are broken