Anyone Who Thinks Cycling is Wimpy Sport…

...should watch this crash.

And it's worth noting that, crashes aside, professional cyclists are the toughest athletes in the world. Just thought I'd add that.

  • nicole


    Hmm…..I had zero clue that they’re the toughest athletes, but I know that they stay in really excellent shape.

    • Jimmy Abraham

      Yes they are tough and can endure a long haul…they are also cheating to do it…any ‘world-class’ cyclist is doping like you wouldn’t believe.

  • Stephen Werny

    Oh, come on. Hockey. Football. MMA. Hell, soccer. And somewhere waaaaay down the list of toughest athletes, just edging out tennis players, you’ll find professional cyclists.

    And they barely get the edge over tennis for this classic:

    • Bob Cesca

      You obviously know nothing about the sport of cycling.

      Watch this through to the end:

      • Stephen Werny

        I was being a bit tongue-in-cheek, but I do think you’re conflating ‘tough’ with ‘in really really good shape’ :) and if that’s the case you’ll get no more argument from me.

        Since we’re comparing videos though, here’s one of a hockey player yanking out his own tooth (and he finished the game):

        • mrbrink

          You have to consider the elements, as well. Weather and terrain.

          It’s one thing to have the endurance to ride at high speeds for long periods of time, but to do it uphill in the rain, or blazing heat, adds variables, which adds more mental and physical strain that hockey players don’t experience, as hockey is played in a rink. A controlled environment.

          • Stephen Werny

            Ok, this is a fun little discussion (and my goodness cycling guys get defensive!), but you can’t seriously compare biking in the rain (or wind, uphill) to getting plowed into at full speed by a 260 pound man in hockey gear. Or blocking a rock-hard puck travelling at 100 km/h. Or getting your teeth knocked out. Anyway, let’s just agree to disagree :)

      • Stephen Werny

        Or this one from the triple-OT game last night:

        (Ryan McDonagh didn’t miss a shift BTW)

        …I kinda just love posting hockey clips. Last one I promise.

  • getsmartin

    Brings back painful memories. I’ve been right in the middle of similar chain reaction crashes and have numerous scars as souvenirs.

    Jeremhiah – triathletes generally wouldn’t last half a lap of a Pro, 1, 2 criterium.

    • Bob Cesca

      Agree! While there are triathletes who made the transition to road racing (Armstrong, for example), very few could handle a 21-day stage race in France or Italy.

  • Jimmy Abraham

    They may be tough but they are still the dirtiest athletes. I love biking for fun and transportation but I loathe the sport of cycling.

    • Bob Cesca

      Dirtier than football? Not a chance.

      • Jimmy Abraham

        At some point we are splitting hairs between all professional sports, but yes, I would say historically and even now, that cyclists are still the guinea pigs, I think it as an institution is dirtier than football, when it comes to doping. In fact, I would say baseball is dirtier than football, especially with the allowance of Braun to play. Football my have its violators, but they do not take any crap from (even the accidental) positives. Remember, Lance is dirty too…the sport will cover it up and defend him against the process that is set to only get a few positives and let more positives slide.

  • Mike Edinger

    Combat athletes would like to have a tough-off with your cyclists.

  • Jeremiah G

    How are cyclists the toughest athletes? I’d assume triathalon(ists?) were, at the very least…since they cycle and do other things…

  • gescove

    That lead rider was hauling. Looks like most of the pack was able to ride through with only a few riders crashing badly. I hope no one was too seriously injured. But still… ouch. And those guys just getting up, shaking it off, and mounting up? Absolutely bad ass!