Bipartisanship. How Does it Work?

Meet the man selected by Indiana Republicans yesterday to replace Dick Lugar, Tea Party nominee Richard Mourdock, whose definition of bipartisanship is nothing like your own.

MOURDOCK: I certainly think bipartisanship ought to consist of Democrats coming to the Republican point of view. … If we [win the House, Senate, and White House], bipartisanship means they have to come our way, and if we’re successful in getting the numbers, we’ll work towards that.

Not-coincidentally, that perspective is shared by the Tea Party freshmen in the House of Representatives, and it would seem that same view of what constitutes bipartisanship is slowly being transplanted into the senate.

Granted, the senate isn't a bastion of cooperation as of now, but it's certainly far more manageable than the House of Boehner.

Mourdock was endorsed by everyone from Grover Norquist, to Sarah Palin, Eric Cantor, and Rick Santorum. This is their vision for congress and for America.

Governor Mitch Daniels endorsed Dick Lugar, so you can scratch him off the list for any office higher than governor. He may not even be re-elected as governor.

  • margietalks

    Richard Murdock is the Indiana GOP’s new dick.

  • laddieluv

    These “di.x” really are insanely arrogant and delusional, aren’t they. blech.

  • Draxiar

    Great, another uncooperative asshole that we get to pay until he dies. Things like this make me happy *growl grr grr snarl*

  • bphoon

    This is nothing new. This was the definition of bipartisanship that the GOP used during the first six years of the Bush 43 administrations. Didn’t work then, either.

  • Carol Wyatt

    They didn’t seem to feel the need to move in the Democratic direction when we won the Presidency, the House and the Senate in 2008, did they?