Birtherism is Back

Not that it ever really went away, but this afternoon it was mainlining Drudge.

According to the Breitbart.com trolls who hatched this latest Nothingburger, this is a result of the media not properly vetting the president.

On the contrary, I would say this president has been more thoroughly vetted than any previous president. How many can say their place of birth was this heavily scrutinized?

None. And what do they all have in common? They were white.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EZEJWEH3KKLXVL5LLAA3E7UTRQ Calvus

    Oh know! Media Matters has turned into Birthers too:


    Just kidding.

    Although I actually read the primary article they posted and they continue to ignore the main question that the original Breitbart story was asking how the mainstream media missed this information that was out there in some form as recently as April 2007, but oh well selectiveness must be hard to change from.

    Luckly the end of the article mentions that the literary agency had been contacted an the whole thing had just been a miskate and “fact checking error” back when the booklet was published in 1991 and again and again and again and again….


    No need to report that though. Selective “reporting”/blogging doesn’t require folks like Bob Cesca to ask legit questions like how this wasn’t found by the media giants. Those silly truth/fair news seakers have dome some real reporting and research on this.

    Have a nice weekend everyone.

    • villemar

      Nobody cares about this so-called “issue” nor will they, aside from crackpots with Obama Derangement Syndrome who would never vote for Obama in a quadrillion years anyways. Although, the louder the crackpots whine about stupid shit like this, the more it alienates Independents, the generally apolitical who only check in once every four years, and moderate Republicans. So I think you and your ilk should whine and cry more about this “issue,” just like how crackpots whining about how Bill Clinton murdered Vince Foster and Ron Brown really were the pivotal issues that dramatically swung public opinion against the Clinton Presidency.

      As Bob would say: Keep it up, you’re doing great!

      • Victor_the_Crab

        More troll pulverizing, please!!!

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/EZEJWEH3KKLXVL5LLAA3E7UTRQ Calvus

          Yes please, more, more, more….baaaahh, baaaaaahhh, baaahhhh, baaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

          • Victor_the_Crab

            I’d expect nothing more from a fucking sheep of Andrew Breitbart’s. Do keep up the great work in showing us what a pathetic, rambling loser you are.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/EZEJWEH3KKLXVL5LLAA3E7UTRQ Calvus

        What a terrible “issue” indeed! It’s totally unrealistic to expect the same standard for all candidates.

        Let’s keep hanging our hats on 50-year-old stories with more fabrications and amendments than pertinent facts related to the actual qualifications of a candidate to be our leader with the ability to actually fix the issues of our country rather than voluntarily set goals to later make excuses for and blame others for why those voluntary goals aren’t met. Right on!

        Who cares how a legitimately peculiar bit of information about the current POTUS existed in various print and other formats for 16 years was missed by the mainstream media during the 2008 primaries and election?

        I forgot you are never supposed to ask questions while being prodded by and or in the shepherd’s crook. Clearly the mainstream media know what is best for you at all times, just ask Bob Cesca. Everything in here, indeed, is going great! Doing real great.

        • villemar

          Why u so mad, bro?

          • Victor_the_Crab

            Because it’s an abortion that failed.

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/EZEJWEH3KKLXVL5LLAA3E7UTRQ Calvus

            Not sure what victorthecrab’s problem is, villemar.

            I have just been adding comments and suggesting people consider other points of view and not just follow with a herd mentality.

            Seriously, what benefit or addition to the conversation is there with the “more, please” type of comments? I know many grade schools are out for summer now but please.

            I think the baseless question avoiding, rambling and vulgar intimidation replies are bad enough.

            For some reason some other folks think swearing is an effective intimidation tactic in an anonymous blog comment forum, especially when they clearly have nothing productive, let alone valid, to add to attempted conversations by others.

            Not sure why they don’t just try utilizing short over-used pop culture sayings (/questions) in the same way in an attempt to try to provoke those with a different idea or question.

            Seems straight forward that if the differing part of the conversation isn’t profane and you don’t have anything good to contribute you move on to something else.

            Anyway villemar, you may want to ask somebody why they called you an “it’s,” I’m not sure what that means or stands for so good luck.

          • villemar

            I still don’t understand what the issue is. That Barack Obama was not vetted, somehow? And what does a promotional flyer from a literary agency from over 20 years ago have to do with anything?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EZEJWEH3KKLXVL5LLAA3E7UTRQ Calvus

    Check out more of the loony propagandist Birther stuff posted at Drudge Report:



    Wait a second….they are asking the same thing the orignal Breitbart story was asking about how the mainstream media missed this the past 4+ years. Breitbart’s site and original article says they have never believed the “Birther” theory.

    What jerks!

    How dare they ask questions about selective reporting similiar to the “reporting”/blogging in this original post by shepherd Bob Cesca.

    Ignore those honest and legit questions and maybe this comment and go back to your regular selective coverage media resources.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EZEJWEH3KKLXVL5LLAA3E7UTRQ Calvus

    Way to fuel the fire of reporting bias by selectively leaving facts out. The article starts with a disclaimer saying nobody at Breitbart (and even Andrew Breitbart before his death) believed in the birther theory. In less than 30 seconds I did more accurate and better reporting of the facts than Bob Cesca and those that have commented so far on this topic. What a bunch of paranoid folks blogging and checking this space, wow.

    Just in case you do care about facts read the disclaimer yourself, and maybe the entire article if you want to actually have a legit conversation with anyone that has differing views than any of you:


    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Norris/1597765442 Michael Norris

      “if you want to actually have a legit conversation with anyone that has differing views than any of you”

      We tried that. It didn’t work. Dialogue to tea-baggers, republicans, and trolls means that we have to come around to their way of thinking. Not this time…the birther discussion is offensive by its very nature. What dialogue do you want to have?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/EZEJWEH3KKLXVL5LLAA3E7UTRQ Calvus

        Typical progressive (original mistakenly posted comment)

        (The explanation edited in)
        It was the start of the post that did successfully make it following this post. The post following a classic vulgar reply. The post that with the same first two words in it that was here the same time, and before, the classic reply you left to this post.

        I was trying to help you and give you an opening to mock me with some play ground humor while I tried to post a comment from a computer that couldn’t handle it for some reason.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Norris/1597765442 Michael Norris

          What the fuck does that mean?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/EZEJWEH3KKLXVL5LLAA3E7UTRQ Calvus

        Typical progressive “open-mindedness” I am familiar with. You don’t have to come around to anything, but you at least could look at all the information. I’m not sure my comment was fully read or considered. It is reminiscent of Mr. Cesca’s selective reporting that I was commenting on.

        “Not this time…the birther discussion is offensive by its very nature.” -Mr. Norris

        “The article starts with a disclaimer saying nobody at Breitbart (and even Andrew Breitbart before his death) believed in the birther theory.” -Calvus

        Note from Senior Management:

        Andrew Breitbart was never a “Birther,” and Breitbart News is a site that has never advocated the narrative of “Birtherism.” In fact, Andrew believed, as we do, that President Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on August 4, 1961.” -Joel B. Pollak w/contribution from Larry O’Connor posted on Breitart.com/Big-Government

        If anyone wants the full information and direction of the article they should at least check out the original piece rather than rely on selective reporting and comments from mainstream media sheep and shepherd(s) wannabe(s) like Bob Cesca that don’t tolerate being questioned or asked to fully if not at least equally report/blog about items like this original post.

        With all the resources that all the major media networks and outlets have and none of them found this public booklet in the past 4+ years? What an unfair question indeed, the nerve of Americans.

        Just try the first (or maybe few) and last (maybe few) paragraphs and then feel free to go back to hating and name calling if you want.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Wingnuts will never admit that Obama is an American. Where he was born is irrelevant. They just cannot bring themselves to do it. He just doesn’t fit their picture of what a real American looks like. That’s because 1) He’s black; 2) He has a funny ethnic name; 3) He’s black; 4) He was exposed to other cultures at a young age; 5) He’s black; 6) He’s a democrat; and 7) Did I mention he was black?

    • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

      I think you are right DC….the reason they latch onto birtherism is because if it was true then they would be patriots and they would much rather see themselves as being patriots than the mouth-breathing neoconfederate asswipes they actually are.

  • villemar

    It almost seems like there’s a Moore’s Law for insanely idiotic racist right wing asshole Neoconfederate mouthbreathing fucktards.

  • Alex0001

    It’s a joke that they think trotting out the same, lame attacks against him that they used the first time around is actually a good idea. Then what makes it worse is that it’ll probably carry the same weight and hysteria from the same people as it did before. This country, I tell ya…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Norris/1597765442 Michael Norris

    Not that I ever want to sink to the disgusting level of the tea-baggers, wing-nuts, birthers, and the rest of the right wing insane, but I think it is time that progressives practice a little birther trash talk for a while. Here are some facts that I know to be true:

    -Mitt Romney was born in Canada.
    -His father, George Romney, was a Nazi sympathizer and worked with Hitler to overthrow the U.S. government.
    -Mitt met his wife, Ann, in a bordelo in Reno.
    -Mitt did not go to Harvard. He never went to college at all. He said he did–but he is lying.
    -Bain Capital is a front for a Columbian drug-smuggling and murder for hire organization.
    -Mitt Romney is anti-semitic. A fire breathing anti-jew.
    -Mitt Romney was born in Canada. It doesn’t matter what his birth certificate says, he is a liar. I know a sheriff in New Mexico who says he has proof.
    -Mitt Romney is a nazi.
    -Mitt Romney is a socialist.
    -Mitt Romney is a fascist.
    -Mitt Romney was born in Canada. I know, I know,–but say it with me: “Mitt Romney was born in Canada.”

    I know that it is not a good thing to sink to this kind ofshit. But I am so tired of these kind of slimy tactics, I just wanted to see how they would sound to normal rational progressives. Anyway, it made me feel good for a minute…

    • JMAshby

      How it sounds? Like the ravings of a Teabagger.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Norris/1597765442 Michael Norris

        In reverse…

    • D_C_Wilson

      “His father, George Romney, was a Nazi sympathizer and worked with Hitler to overthrow the U.S. government.”

      Ironically, change this to George W. Bush’s grandfather and you could have used it in 2000 or 2004. And it happens to be true.