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Black-on-White Crime and Media Double-Standards

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Last week, my friend and podcast partner Chez Pazienza wrote a piece for The Daily Banter about a case involving several African American youths in Norfolk, Virginia who allegedly beat up a pair of reporters from The Virginian-Pilot newspaper, Dave Forster and Marjon Rostami. Forster happens to be white and Rostami is Iranian. I hastened to mention the races of everyone involved because it applies to the rest of the story. The incident went largely unnoticed in the press, mainly because The Virginian-Pilot only published news of the incident in the form of a opinion piece, written by Michelle Washington two weeks later. There's another reason it wasn't covered by the Pilot, and I'll get to that shortly.

Washington's opinion piece reached Matt Drudge's yellow-journalism desk and BOOM! Drudge posted a link to the op/ed with the predictably misleading headline: "100 Black Teens Beat White Couple in Norfolk... Media Bury Attack." Every angry right-winger looking for an excuse for their ridiculous false equivalences about white racism versus "black racism" had a brand new hobby horse to ride. On Fox News Channel, Bill O'Reilly issued one of his personal jihads against The Virginian-Pilot, sending his creepy stalking danger-boy, Jesse Watters to Virginia to accost the editor of the paper, Denis Finley, and find out why he was obviously helping to oppress the white majority. Why would the newspaper wait for so long before publishing the story? Why won't this newspaper get its boot off the neck of white people?! Why does the news media hate white people?! I'm paraphrasing, of course. But that was the subtext of O'Reilly's segments...
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  • mrbrink

    From 1989-2012, Black on White crime was reported regularly on prime time television.

    Killed it, Bob.

  • scifritz

    Correct, the real story with the Treyvon case is not that is was white-on-black, it is that the person who shot a defenseless person, claiming self defense while instigating the confrontation was let go. Even a cop, in a “good” shooting, gets his gun taken away and put on the desk pending an investigation. Yes, race plays a role in motive in some cases. But given the fact the event in Norfolk seemed random, preventable by the driver (though not faulting), and people are being arrested, these are two wrong stories to make a double-standard case.

    • tim holt

      He was getting his ass kicked and head bounced off the pavement by this punk. His nose was already broken and in the same instance, I would have blown the thug away also. Zimmerman will be freed but that doesn’t address the ignorance of the story. The black man once again gets a free pass when it comes to black on white crime. Only whites can be guilty of a race motivated crime according the liberal pukes.