Open Thread

Bully Rights

Artist - Jen Sorensen

In other news, a Wisconsin man was officially charged today for threatening to blow up the offices of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and for threatening to shoot those who support recalling Governor Walker.

  • IrishGrrrl

    I am so sick of the violent threats from the right. What are we, twelve?! Can we act like grown ups? Is it too much to ask? The GOP is a party of bullies, no wonder they chose Mitt as their nominee. In fact their last three GOP nominees were probably all over-privileged bullies–think about it, Mitt, McCain (can you imagine him, young and cocky at West Point?), and GWB (what was his adorable nickname for Rove? Oh yeah, Turd Blossom.). And let’s not get into Palin’s penchant for playing victim while actually being the offender. Bullies, one and all.